5 best ways to boost up your website’s SEO



SEO is popular and competitive marketing strategy, but according to the records many businessmen avoid SEO strategies because of its limitations and the biggest misunderstanding around is it’s very expensive, yes very big agencies have very high package that costs around tens and thousands dollars a month, it is very expensive for massive agencies which work on national-scale business but that doesn’t means that it apply on everyone, it’s very affordable for an average businessmen.

Here are the five best tips which can make your work easier on SEO and you can use these techniques for free:-

  • Unique tag line for every page

Every page should have a unique title tag which should describe each and everything, your page, the keyword and the tag line should be unique from other tag lines of your websites page.

  • No duplicate content should be visible

If you want to keep your site in good rating then do check the content of your website, Google search console displays the duplicate usually this occurs because of canonical error not plagiarism but still update the error if duplicate content error comes up.

  • Update your blog on daily basis

As Google has recently released algorithm update which keeps up the latest content, so updating your blog on daily basis or in alternate days will be beneficial for you, as more content on your blog more readers, so update your blog daily.

  • Find the best keywords

Look for those keywords that have fewer competitors, Google’s Keyword Tool is the best platform to find and compare the best keywords to make your content more impressive and meaningful.

  • Avoid 404 errors and add internal links

Avoid and remove these dead errors as nobody like these kinds of errors, for closing the gap take the help of Google Console. On the other hand add internal links in your content so that it makes the reader more interested in reading the relevant links which is linked with your main page, Google is also able to understand it in a perfect way. On the other hand if your site is running on WordPress then SEO auto link is the right plugin to follow.


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