8 Amazing Facts How Your Customers See Your Brand Online



There are both positive and negative news for people specially celebrities, same goes with your products brand and business, the bad part is about Google keep the post topmost whichever Google feels like whether it’s old or new doesn’t matters.

The main thing to keep in mind is to be on top under Google’s rank because the post of your brand which you are posting will be visible to all the viewers and you don’t have any connection with them, so make your post so expressive under Google that they will contact you immediately.

Here are the top 8 facts which will show you how to be impressive under Google and how other see you online:-

  • Reviews
    75% of people will follow you according to your brand reviews they will vary your product with reviews and personal recommendations also.
  • Google=Reputation
    55% of the internet users find Google as the most trusted pathway for information about the companies and people, so build you reputation good on Google.
  • Reaction on reviews
    80% of the people first check the reviews before purchasing something online and for your information 40% are the US citizens who actively write reviews, so be careful on the reviews, keep up your market image.
  • Harassments
    Online harassments are very dangerous it damages your reputation very badly on websites and on other social networks.
    70% people find the internet search more useful and trustworthy in finding out the info about the products, brands and companies.
    These days Reviews influence is at its peak, each one of us first finds out the product reviews then purchase the product which can be seen everywhere, reviews basically can make your product a massive rank and on the other hand it can easily damage your reputation in market.
  • Think Before You Post
    Whatever you post remains online don’t forget this ever, be true to yourself and others also, according to the reports 75% US companies have rejected people on their information which is posted in their profile.
  • Post good, get good job
    90% of US recruiters hire people on the basis of their data which they post, so the data you post should be true so that you don’t get any negative response.


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