9 Things We’re Looking Forward To at DMEXCO 2019



The Nielsen Media team heads to Cologne to join the DMEXCO19 in September. DMEXCO has been defined as’ the largest worldwide digital economy meeting point’ where rulers of the mind, influence, advertising, media advocates, technology and creators of the worldwide digital economy come together in order to share tactics, trends and strategies. More than 41,000 visitors are expected to attend the meeting this year.

It’s an extravaganza of all digital stuff— excellent speakers, exciting activities, galore meetings, and a wonderful opportunity to talk to people from around the globe. A week of teaching and networking is being prepared by the team.

We’re looking forward to nine stuff here.

1.Trust and Transparency Support

The slogan of DMEXCO this year is “Trust in you.” In the digital economy, trust plays a critical role, both for sector and for people. Nielsen is committed to ensuring confidence and accountability for the brands, organizations and publishers who rely on our goods and services.

2. View our customers

For the first time, look forward to meeting many of our local customers face-to-face and having the opportunity to spend time with people from other EMEA businesses.

3. Display Our Solutions

DMEXCO is an interesting location to share our scheduling, activation and measurement alternatives that assist marketers gain ideas they need to enhance their outcomes and demonstrate the importance of their projects. Our platforms allow brands and organizations to find their best-in-class marketing based on the most important people. Visit us at Hall 8, Stand B-19 to see them in action.

4. The Best Learning

There are an overwhelming amount of options with over 550 speakers on 18 phases with 250 hours of programming. I am sure that only global specialists like Teresa Barreira (Publicis Sapient), Harley Finkelstein (shopify), Walter Jacobs (Twitch), Dave King (Asana) and Sonia Studer (Nestlé) will have a standing space.

5. Marketing Efficiency Talking

I expect a lot of discussion on how to handle marketing effectiveness from media planning and activation to information and attribution will take place at the show. To optimize their budgets, we understand brands and organizations need pace, accuracy, and coverage. Increasingly, however, marketers realize that in the age of walled information gardens and growing worries about privacy, who they partner with also plays a major part.

6. Seeing action for innovation

It is quite inspirational for any marketer to see what the best products in the globe do. I’m always looking for the latest strategies and tactics as VP of Transformation & Communication. Other leading players, including Adobe, Facebook, FreeWheel, Hybris, Microsoft, Outbrain, Spryker, Taboola, Verizon Media, Xing and many more, are some of the over a hundred and ten more exhibitors from all over the globe.

7. Consumer behavior brainstorming

Consumers today have more than ever been linked and empowered. They expect relevant and coordinated brand experiences across channels and devices— and if they don’t get them, they’ll go elsewhere. Marketers must not only evaluate tactical marketing performance in order to compete in today’s consumer-led globe but also guarantee that they have the highest audience information. I look forward to brainstorming with marketers on how to deliver more appropriate experiences driving the company KPIs they are most concerned about.

8. Seeing the digital future

DMEXCO will see breakthrough developments during the Experience Stage of the conference and learn how tomorrow’s digital world truly works. I look forward to the first look at fresh AI, Robotics, Virtual Reality, and Increased Voice techniques.

9. Tour of Cologne City

Cologne is a truly cosmopolitan town, and DMEXCO’s hosts are doing their utmost to guarantee a wonderful time for conference-goers. Look at the Cologne Food & Drink guide’s decisions. I’m not sure how much time we’re going to have, but there are many beautiful historic sites and gardens, not to mention the Gothic Cologne Cathedral, the most visited attraction in Germany.



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