Be cautious from Israeli Affiliate Marketing scammers as they are now using Crypto and ICO leads.



If we talk about frauds in the affiliate marketing, there is a big list of scams which have destroyed the affiliate marketing in the past. When the scene of this fraudery exposed the Israel state was regarded as the primary states from these frauds are coming up.


There are many binary fraudsters out there, but now they are slowly and gradually changing the name ‘binary’ into ‘crypto’ but that doesn’t mean that it changes their work, they will continue to steal people’s money. The fact is they steal money through scams like approaching people by giving them a sincere loan promise and in return promising to gift them huge returns on ICO leads and Crypto.


Another way of fraud in the affiliate marketing which is famous is fake emails campaign, in which they say sign up for free for the daily news feed of content on Crypto and ICO. On the other hand, some emails are like we are looking for good content on respective topics like crypto, Ethereum, ICO, etc. and your website is the website we are looking for, our wait is over, we want to join hands to do good advertising.


But, as soon as you join hands with it, you will find that there is no such content marketing site or site related to finance. They just increase their market by content marketing, and they do to improve the traffic on the website.


The things are very clear, these small entities are changing their platform from binary options to crypto, and ICO leads. There is not a single doubt of the companies who are working in a legit way, which gives you a genuine amount of the returns in a full-fledged way.


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