Best Social Media to Focus On!!!



It’s very tough to decide to say that which social media platform to follow or which not to follow, as in this technology world you have no idea what will be the next big thing and as it will come the current platform will be obsolete for you this is human nature. So choose the platform which satisfies you the most as under social media marketing you have no time to choose and research what to follow and what not follow.

In this article you will read few tips and tricks of choosing the best social media platform for you through which you can earn a lot of profit.

  • Check Out the Social Metrics
    The very first and the most important thing to follow and keep a note is of your social metrics, which tells you how many followers and tweets are happening on daily basis, if you are not getting the number of followers and tweets then yes you are on the wrong track, this usually happens when you are not posting the right content or your post timings are wrong then you definitely need to re-plan it and post accordingly.
  • Focus on Target Audience first
    You should know your target audience very well, if you will know the exact target audience you will be able to make success in business marketing. What happens after knowing your target audience you can break it down or you can make a class of the persons to move on strategically that what type of content you need to post and through which platform. These days as per records people are using and posting more on Pinterest, use of LinkedIn and Twitter is also more these days.
  • Research As Much as You Can
    This is the world of competition guys, research as much as you can and find out the competitors and look at what they are posting, if they are doing lively conversations on twitter then why not you, chase them and help yourself by using industrial tools like BuzzSumo which will give you the insight of all the social users so that you can work well on each social platform.

Overall what the main thing you need to do is ask your customer what kind of social network preference they want and by this how you can lay more emphasize on that particular network. Ask them not only their network but also ask them how much time they give on that particular network, check the whole thing on regular basis because customers choice changes very frequently. Using a good social platform will help you in earning a good amount social sites like Twitter and Facebook are improving their advertise part very fast. You can make or adapt your own ads and sell them here.


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