Can you become CEO without college? Yes you can!!



Many business owners are college drop outs who are very well established, like for an example Steve Jobs and Bill Gates quit their school and achieved their business goals. In many interviews they were asked that whether they regret for their dropout from school, their answer was big no and many other big entrepreneurs answer was the same. To achieve something good ion business doesn’t requires school only experience will work as you go on and on in your business.

Big business owners don’t need a degree

Yes this is true as through degree you can present yourself well but in real world experience your knowledge and past experiences are count beat the real world experience then you will come to know how tough life is after school or getting a degree. Professor doesn’t tell us how to counter your business obstacles or entrepreneurship.

Some say college is the right choice and some say it’s not. Why?

Many business owner goals are to become a successful businessmen in future which requires no degree, for them school is the distraction which they want to get rid off because they are not able to concentrate on their business and they want to start their business from the very first day on the other hand if we see to become a doctor you have to acquire a degree accredited degree will not help you out in case so if you want to get a job then no doubt school is very important for you. But no doubt you need to study several articles to achieve your goal in your business and you will also put several webinars so that it will help you out overall education is must but if you want to become a successful entrepreneur then there is no need of degree but at least minimum qualification is required.

Don’t choose degree program, choose an advisor!!

Join someone who is already into business who can help you out in best possible way so that you can learn many things from that business program. A good advisor will guide you well in your business which will help you in future like in online business and other marketing fields. Join them, start your work and achieve success.



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