Create Your Blog Post in a Beautiful Way



Create your blog in a beautiful way and write the content in such a way that everybody loves to read it, but what if no one sees it? According to the reports 50% of the people look over the social network pathway that means how many share their blog got through social media network.

Above all, there is more through which you can get big payoff, and increase up your blog traffic at a very high rate. To make sure that your blog is getting good traffic you should make a strategy while you post on your blog.

First of all don’t copy the article from any other website or blog, follow the article which is viral on internet and getting good traffic and scores a good rank in search engine. The second point which you need to keep in mind is to find up the article which is more popular in social media and the best way to find the article which is very popular use the Buzzsumo tool or software which will tells you the exact details of the article and will tell you the views on different social networks and on the other hand you will be getting a bunch of information which will help you to write an effective and strong content for your blog.

On the other hand if you want to know the rank of that particular blog, you simply need to write on Google blog post idea through which you could get the perfect keyword for yourself which will help a lot in your article. Use SEM rush to know the most popular keyword which is searched on Google often through which you may write your article in a much more effective way.

The last thing which is very important to keep in mind is that how you can make your blog different from the others, if you want to stand out of the crowd then increase the length of your of your blog post and on the other hand give the solution to your blog and describe your post in a best way possible with related videos and pictures in order to get more attention than others.


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