Everybody Judges Your Face and it Could Affect Your Professional Anticipation!


In networking and business, the first impression is the last impression as the maximum numbers of people judge you by your face. So make one thing clear that the first impression of yours can make your relationship strong as well as weak from day one, so build up confidence in yourself when speaking with a new person.


There is a famous quote, “Don’t judge the book by its cover,” this is true because this situation can make miscommunication and misunderstandings, but there is no point of debate as this is our human nature to take instant judgement of people on basis of their personality, like how they are carrying themselves and on other points.


One of the psychologists said, “Over time, your face comes to permanently reflect and reveal your experiences, even when we think we’re not expressing something, relics of those emotions are still there.”


You will surely believe when I would be giving you an example on this, when the two types of research put the photograph of two families in front of them, the first family income is below $50,000 and the other families income was above $100,000, the expressions were neutral but when without telling them the income when they were asked to tell who is poor and who is rich, then the answer was according to the photo’s people looks and overall personality.


This is human tendency people judge people by their caste, creed, and gender without even knowing the background of that person. According to the author, “One may mask one’s social class by displaying a positive emotional expression,” they also said that “Appearing happier (or less negative) may lead others to perceive a person as higher-class (at least within the context of some less happy-looking).”


The crux of the above statement is, as per records there are high chances of rich persons at the time of hiring as human tendency says that if the person is rich, he or she will be in favor of achieving a big goal that means more profit to the company.


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