Five Ways to Appease Millennials Using Inbound Marketing

Image Source: Shutterstock Article Source: PerformanceIN
Inbound Marketing
Image Source: Shutterstock
Article Source: PerformanceIN

‘Millennials’ is a term that most will be familiar with, especially if you work in the media. It is thrown about by teams who work with brands globally, as everyone wants to appeal to them; but do we actually know how to go about doing this?

Millennials make up a large chunk of the population (30% in America) and, with them being the most lucrative market, it’s no surprise that brands want to know how they could possibly hook in this influential group of people that could potentially turn into loyal customers…..Read More>>

It should come as no shock that millennials love to browse the internet, with it being found that they spend an average of 25 hours per week online. They are actively searching for content to interact with and, if you aren’t utilizing the power of the internet, your brand will seriously lose out.

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