Gagapay Blockchain-Powered solves trust issues between affiliate marketers and companies.


In the world of Digital Marketing, every single penny is very important which is spent by either the affiliate marketers or the companies, the problem today is the lack of knowledge like how well they have to perform in the affiliate marketing and how well they can cope up with the situations but half of the campaigns go waste because of the missed targets which are set by the marketers.


Gagapay has solved the problem by making a perfect platform which is powered by blockchained technology has created a powerful platform by giving marketers to build their network marketing, bounty programmes, affiliate, and networks.



The startup is building on the increasing NEO Blockchain. On the other hand, it has taken a lot of attention and working on the new alternative of Ethereum as Ethereum can work on 15 transactions per second. NEO has attracted many developers that want to test it out with new use cases. Marketplaces appear to be the most logical use case as they need to handle a lot of activity and transactions at once.


Platform That you can Trust on

Gagapay platform uses SaaS platform to build smart contacts and executing best marketing programs. To use SaaS platform all the customers will have to pay an annual amount to access the platform and this access will help the managers to connect with the top affiliate marketers.


According to Gagapay, the platform will solve the issue around trust between businesses and marketers. Smart contracts will automate the agreement between both parties, allow both sides to audit the agreement’s processes, and monitor the distribution of rewards.

The main target of Gagapay is the Asian Market, and for that, they are performing well, and even non-blockchained networks can also use the platform for better earnings and Gagapay has also planned the open the regional offices so that more and more people get in touch and get to know more about the networks.

Token sale

The platform will have its cryptocurrency wallets to facilitate payments, but it will have its dedicated cryptocurrency token that will power the service. It will be listed on exchanges approximately one week before the end of the ICO token sale.


The Gagapay Network utility token will be called the GTA, and it will allow for the payment of subscription fees, purchasing additional features and plugins, and getting discounts on commission fees. It will be holding an initial coin offering to generate the token.


A pre-sale has already opened and will be followed by a public sale in phases with the price per token gradually increasing. The first phase of the public crowd sale will open to sell 50 million GTAs (priced at $0.04 per token) followed by a second phase for 440 million GTAs ($0.05 per token). Anyone purchasing more than $1,000 worth of tokens will be required to go through KYC procedures. The accepted payment methods are NEO, GAS, BTC, ETH, LTC,  and DASH. The ICO will have a soft cap of $1 million and a hard cap of $34.5 million.


From the sale, 69 percent of the tokens will go to investors. The remaining tokens from the sale will be distributed as follows: 14 percent for the company reserve, 10 percent for the team, 3 percent for the developers, 3 percent set aside for airdropping and bounty programs, and 1 percent for the Gaga foundation.


The bulk of the funds generated from the sale will be used for product development in preparation for launch along with marketing and legal costs to meet different regulations in different markets.


The ICO will run until around July. After that, the company will recommence its roadmap for launching the product. It intends to open up beta testing for the platform by the end of 2018 and have the GTA token listed on exchanges. The full working platform is scheduled to be operational by mid-2019.



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