Google’s New Material Design to Takeover Gmail by Next Month

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A few months ago, Google announced that it would be revamping the Gmail experience with a material design approach. The feature was made available to users as an opt-in feature by the end of April, and now Google is stepping up for the final phase of the roll-out.

Come July and Google will have the feature rolled out to all its users by default, which means that every user logging in to their Gmail account will be welcomed with the updated interface. Users will still be given the option to revert to the previous interface, but Google says that the option will be available only for a specific period.

Post that duration, all the Gmail users will be using the new Gmail, no matter whether they like it or not. But the latter doesn’t seem to be happening, as Gmail’s updated design has already garnered good feedback from the users. Google is still making sure that the users get the required time to make the switch, which is the reason why they will keep the opt-out option alive for a fixed period post the official launch.

Google will also deliver additional options for the G Suite users. G Suite Admins will have the option to decide how to implement the new design. They can either set the new interface as default, or give the members the choice to opt-in to the new interface when they wish to.

Both the options will let the members to revert to the Classic Gmail experience, but only until it gets entirely taken down, i.e. for four weeks. Additionally, G Suite Admins can also restrict the members from making the jump to the new Gmail by waiting for four weeks, following which the switch will be automatically made though.

Making the jump at the earliest makes better sense though, as users will be required to have the new Gmail if to tryout the new set of features that were announced earlier by Google like nudge support and Smart Compose.


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