How Affiliate Network have taken Affiliate Marketing Mainstream


Affiliate marketing business has greatly matured in recent years. It’s fully grown into a full-fledged class on mainstream marketing, in the lines of Forrester, has over 80% of advertisers and 84% of publishers running affiliate programs as a part of their promoting efforts. The growth of social media and with the content marketing giving contributed to the exponential growth of affiliate marketing.


Advertiser in this context is exactly what they sound like: companies and brands are seeking to gain exposure for their services to increase sales. They are also easily relying on the affiliate channels to broaden their brand exposure with relevant context and however, consumers’ expectation for relevant and engaging with advertising content is higher than ever. Advertiser facing difficulty in designing and delivering this content natively while still maintaining compelling campaign ROIs.


Publishers are taking a more native approach in Affiliate Marketing embedding product link with pure content, in order to increase editorial integrity and revenue needs. Publishers still generating their revenue from advertising, but affiliate marketing is growing faster. More and more publishers are capitalizing on the partnership opportunity. Affiliate commission is growing faster and become a source of income, comprising 15% of their revenue.


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