How Can A Business Benefit From Growth Hacking?


Aggressiveness in Digital Marketing has turned out to be a benefit for the start-ups to reach their target audience.

What is Growth Hacking?

Growth Hacking is a very popular term used in the start-up industry or world.

Let’s break down this weighty sound word in a simpler word to understand for all the audience out there reading this article. This word came from a famous blogger Sean Ellis, who defined in his blog growth hacker as the person who is fully responsible for the growth of the business.

According to me the simplest definition of Growth Hacking is “Identifying the most efficient and cost-effective channel to grow the business exponentially.”

Digital Esprit

Let’s understand this definition a bit more in a simpler form. The above definition means, “How can start-ups reach their target audience without giving a loss to their customers.”

On a practical note, businesses have a limited way to reach their targeted audience like they could reach them through ads, television, radio, hoardings, etc. All these methods are extremely cost consuming and take a lot of time to reach the target audience.

The best options which the start-ups are going for are Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Instagram, YouTube, and others have turned out to be more successful and faster than the old track to reach to the target audience.

Essentials Medium Have not Wan Away!

I am not arguing on the latest medium and old medium, but if you will see still native mediums have not faded away, they are still there in one or the other way. We always sit back in morning have a cup of coffee or tea and read a newspaper that is one of the oldest and biggest medium for day-to-day happening in the world. Many a time big MNC’s also use newspaper to attract their target audience.

 Essential role of Dropbox in Growth Hacking

The two things which you will really like about the Dropbox is the Giveaway the storage when you follow them on social media and when you refer it to your friend. This basic information is essential which many start-ups miss.

Both the above functions of the Dropbox show you the direct power of social media and direct referral which are pretty good. The referral one is more powerful as it is best for conversion and you refer it only on whom you trust.


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