How the first 20 minutes of Your Day will help you in success, follow these 5 steps!


Your subconscious brain will change when you feel the positive vibe as soon as you woke u. Remove the negativity from the mind and switch towards positivity.

We all know our daily morning routine, wake up early and you can become successful in your life. But this is totally wrong, no matter you wake up at 6 am or 4 pm, the first 20 minutes are very important of your day, if you think in these 20minutes that today you have to complete this task, you will surely get success in your life.

Do you know what is the gateway to the subconscious mind? When you awake in the morning, your brain wakes at around 10.5 waves per second, it ranges from 8 to 13 Hz, or cycle per second, this is known as the alpha stage.  As per scientists, a brain is formed and produces electrical patterns which are known as waves.

The exact stage of alpha comes, when you go into semi- daydreaming state in the middle of communication, and few minutes passes away and you don’t remember anything that happened, this is the stage when your brain moves in the alpha state.

Train your brain in the morning by using the subconscious mind of yours and move your brain towards positivity. Follow these points and make the most out of your first 20 minutes in the morning:-

  • Make Your Bed Clean

Make your bed clean and better, so that the sooner you wake up and your room is like cleaned and not in a messy condition. It’s not a big task, this small work can change many things in your life.

  • Never click on the snooze button

Never click on the snooze button, if you do so then your brain is definitely lacking behind and you want your day to go on hold.

  • Watch motivational videos or movies as much as you can

If you are really motivated there is no doubt you will reach your mission in life and will surely accomplish it sooner or later. If you want to achieve big, then be ready for the tough competition as it’s not that easy, a few weeks ago I watched an emotional video which gave me goosebumps and the task which was left from months I did it in 12 hours. Here, I want you to know that watching motivational clips or movies will surely motivate you to achieve your goal.

  • Keep records of everything

if you want to be more mindful, start keeping records of what you have to do today and this will bring your life on track. You should Pen down some of your pronouncements so that when every morning you wake up you can clear your mind with negative energies and adapt positive energies.

  • Divine your Life

The best thing which you can do in the alpha state is visualize your life, that if suppose you achieve what you want in the next five years, then what about the next strategy. You should make such strategies in the first 20 minutes, mark my words through this thing you can maintain your relationships and your businesses too. Enter your subconscious mind and then drive your brain into action.


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