How to Promote Forex Affiliate Links


Although it’s not easy to be a forex partner, making money online can be a lucrative way. Affiliate advertising can be profitable if done properly. Now, just imagine being a Forex partner, dealing with currencies around the world, a non-stop auction, and numerous buy / sell / trade transactions. You will have to use the right resources, no matter how you cut it, and you will have to do your due diligence in investigating your options. Nonetheless, if you’re willing to spend time and know how to promote your affiliate links, it’s quite possible to earn a bit on the side by promoting yourself as a Forex affiliate marketer. So, where should you promote your links?

  • Social Media

Social media is useful today as it relates to business and supporting yourself for just about all. The same applies to Forex affiliates who are searching for a link to their affiliate. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and other groups that are powered online are a great way to get active. Engagement is a great way to give the brand a face and humanize what you’re trying to sell or encourage (in this case, your Forex affiliate link).

Make connections, share with other professionals in Forex, engage with and post forex bloggers. The more you share, and the more you see your affiliate link in the industry, the more likely they will be to share it. And, this also applies to non-Forex friends / family. It doesn’t mean they can’t share your Forex affiliate connection to gain more traction and exposure even if they aren’t interested in market trading. While at it, ask if you can post a Forex newsletter to a guest blog, or if you can add a guest post to a forum, in exchange for sharing your Forex affiliate connection.

The options are endless with social media, and the ability to share and engage, makes it all the easier for you to get your link out there to the masses.

  • Email Marketing Campaigns

In many cases, email marketing (due to legal / financial agencies and market monitoring) may not be permitted by Forex affiliates. Therefore, be sure to check with your network before using this technique. If you’re getting the green light, go for it.

Give your email list a newsletter. Promote the reference via a blog. Apply a voucher to your Forex partner account as well as potential first exchange savings. Share your reference and offer a free seminar or webinar. In this area, email marketing should work like any other email marketing project.

Only, in this situation, it is going to be geared at getting people to click on your Forex affiliate link, and make a purchase through it to your affiliate network, in order for you to earn the commission on that sale.

  • Promote Through Top Forex Newsletters

Daily FX, FX Road, and Abnormal Returns are just some of the most common out there. Such newsletters provide entertaining and interesting tips, trades, and insights on the Forex market for those who want to stay in the know as it relates to all things trading and Forex. When you promote your Forex affiliate link in these newsletters, can get a guest post in there, or else share your connection through your own newsletter project, this is a great way to get your link out in front of the eyes of people who are actually engaged in Forex dealing and trading. The connection is up against those who know about Forex and want to stay up-to-date about what’s going on.

  • Forex Forum

Platforms, website sharing, discussion, engagement; platforms and social media allow you to connect with other Forex traders and professionals. And, if they’re new to Forex and want to know how to get started, those who just ask questions. This is a great place to add your Forex affiliate connection, as long as it does not violate the terms of service on the platform on which you are engaged. If you are able to share ties, be sure to do so. Whether you’re sharing information with someone who asks a question or trading tips with others on the market, your Forex affiliate link is a prominent way to demonstrate that you’re an industry expert while also getting potential buyers to check what you’re trying to do.

  • Guest Blogging on Popular Forex Websites or Magazines

Is there anything for nothing? Not at all. Guest blogging is one of the best affiliate marketing tools. And, this is also the case with the sales of the forex affiliate. If you can share your experience with a guest blog for a Forex magazine, online forum, newsletter, or other Forex website, this is a great way to be seen as a leading Forex expert in everything. A better place to share your affiliate connection than this, and get people to click on it to see what you’re supporting.

  • Google Ads and Online Advertising

The cost is high, but as far as the Forex market is concerned, the return opportunity is also high. So long as you’re using innovative marketing tactics, targeting the right keywords, and having your Forex affiliate connection seen by the right searcher, you’re doing something right, and that’s why you’re seeing the returns on your investment. You have to be willing to spend money to earn money. This is the case with the Forex industry, as well as the marketing campaign for your Forex affiliate.

Although these are not the only ways to share your affiliate connection, they are some of the top strategies you can integrate into your Forex affiliate marketing campaign, help get your link out there, and make sure more clicks and visits to your affiliate site are made. The more live clicks and action your affiliate connection receives, the more sales you make, and the more you receive over time, through your Forex affiliate link, through the commissions and sales you support for the Forex goods.


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