How You Can Change Your Life by Earning Money from Affiliate Programs


We all know how the Internet is transforming this generation’s advertising environment, as traditional business tactics are now becoming less successful than they were in the past.

Most corporations now accept the concept of digital marketing as most people these days rely heavily on the Internet for their needs.

More than half of the entire population of the world is on the Internet, most of us use it to gain information, and this is likely one of this generation’s notable highlights.

In the past, someone has to go to libraries and contact people directly who have the information they need. Today, anyone in our possession has access to almost any information that we may think is right.

And that’s what makes digital marketing a billion dollar industry. It’s here to stay as long as someone explores the Internet and expands year after year as internet users; digital marketing shows no sign of slowing down either.

Here’s the best part, everyone is free to grab their slice of the pie from this lucrative industry, and you’ll be a surprise once you find out that one of the simplest methods that you can utilize to grab your share has been staring at you the whole time.

In this post, we’ll talk about the affiliate program and How You Can Change Your Life by Earning Money from it.

If you are already earning 6 figures through digital marketing, you can feel free to skip this now, but if this term is new to you, well, read on, we’ll introduce you to an online business concept that serves as the starting point for most of the people who successfully made a living over the Internet.

What is an affiliate program?

As described at the beginning of this post, most businesses are now hopping into this trend. Who’s not browsing online stores these days? We all do, and upon your purchase, you may not be aware that you also sent someone a percentage of the price of your order.

In a nutshell, the Affiliate program offers a commission as a reward to anyone who can promote their products and sell them online.Most online stores offer an affiliate program, try it yourself, go to the website of one of those well known online stores such as eBay, best buy, and Amazon.

Then scroll down to the bottom of their website and find something that talks about becoming their partner or try searching using Google for this keywords “Affiliate Program + name of the online store.” It is free, and they are more than happy to share with you some percentage of their profit if you successfully promote any products from their listings.

How effective is this online business concept?

People these days prefer reading or watching reviews online when we are making our buying decision because this gives us enough time to weigh in which product is best for us without any pressure.

And besides, people will buy something online anyway since most of us prefer the convenience and instantaneous of ordering something online.

Promoting any product from your selected affiliate program is just a matter of finding the right people who already have an intent to purchase that particular product.

Now let’s talk about how this online business concept can change someone’s life when the commission starts flowing in.

Is the profit enough for living?

On average, affiliate programs offer commissions ranging from 5 to 30%, and some affiliate programs offer more than that, but let’s stick with the lowest rate just for an example.

So let’s pretend that you already obtain the right formula on how to attract the right people to your chosen product. For illustration purposes, let’s say your product costs 100$ with a 5% commission rate, and you were able to offer it to 10,000 prospect buyers.

And ten percent of them successfully ordered through your affiliate link, that’s 5$ x 1000 = 5,000$, and this can even happen within just weeks or days if you have an in-demand product and the right formula to capture leads.

Is this enough for a living? We don’t want to exaggerate things here, but an average annual income coming from full-time wage jobs is the amount an experienced digital marketer can make within a just month.

It can be source of passive income

We all know what passive income can do to our lives, and this should be the ultimate goal of everyone, but how are we going to achieve this when our income is just enough to pay bills and put something decent on our table?

That is the kind of riddle most of us are facing, and it’s difficult to escape it since that’s the ultimate goal of any government, it is the system they are proactively polishing to ensure an operating economy.

Well, picture this, if everyone has passive income, no one would work anymore, so this is an idea that they want to take away from most of us as much as possible, but we can’t live like this for the rest of our lives.

An affiliate marketing can be your stepping stone to get out of the rat race since anyone can start this online business concept even without initial capital to purchase and resell any products.

And once you establish the mechanisms of your online affiliate marketing business, this can pretty much work on its own, and it won’t require much of your time compared to your regular jobs.


On top of all, as mentioned in the previous point, an affiliate program enables someone to have more time and freedom in their life once the online business they setup starts working on autopilot.

Having an active-passive income allows someone to have the freedom to enjoy life, be anywhere they want at any time without any limit, and that’s the lifestyle everyone’s been dreaming.

The opportunity from it so lucrative, the profit is limitless, but more to it is the time it will give us, which we can allocate to other significant aspects of our lives such as, health, spiritual, relationship, and more, those aspects are something we are commonly disregarding since we let modern lifestyle’s demand occupy our life.


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