HubSpot boosts analytics with Supermetrics partnership


HubSpot’s marketing software company has partnered with Supermetrics to expand its customer reporting possibilities.

Users of HubSpot can now analyze and report information in Google Sheets, Google Data Studio and Excel through HubSpot portals.

Equally essential for cross-channel assessment and reporting is the capacity to consolidate HubSpot information with other marketing information.

Supermetrics, the market’s leading marketing information engine, now provides these capacities, with annual advertising spending worth more than EUR 25 billion reported through it.

The news is particularly useful for any business that wants to include information from HubSpot in their reporting across channels. Companies operating several HubSpot portals for various brands and markets, such as Supermetrics HubSpot Connector, will benefit greatly from and save hours on tedious manual information organisation job.

“We set up a number of automated dashboards for customers. Until that stage, there was always a bar missing, which was clients, but we were able to add that missing piece into the dashboards with Supermetrics ‘ HubSpot connector now. This connector has greatly helped us with what we call “Operation Close the Loop,” says Maricarmen Vargas, Digital Account Manager at Vuelo6, a marketing agency based in Puerto Rico.

“With auto-refreshed reporting from HubSpot and mixed pay media metrics, we can improve visibility across our entire company. By automating cross-platform reporting, Supermetrics already saved our advertising team hours each week. The HubSpot connector is now going to enable us to combine the outcomes of our sales and marketing attempts to better recognize drop-off points throughout the transformation phase, “said Harrison Hollingsworth, marketing director for AcreTrader.

“Over the past several months, we have worked closely with the HubSpot team to take this much-desired item to market. HubSpot has a very active user community and is therefore good to introduce both Supermetrics and HubSpot clients to the network. “tells Mikael Thuneberg, Chief Executive Officer and Supermetrics ‘ founder and CEO.


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