Is advertising Fraud your Fault? Know the facts!



In today’s world, Advertising media is rising like anything if you see them from the year 2004 till now it has increased like 50% and on the other hand, by 2020 as per reports it will grow more and more in the coming years.


As per reports, you are the one who is responsible for fraud ads because of the lack of knowledge in the digital marketing. Many of them survive in the marketing with the lack of knowledge but one or the other day lack of education will surely be going to put you in the loss which will be going to affect your business in the future.


How the person realise that they are going to a loss when in an ad they get no conversion just because some of the other smart people have done a significant fraud with you.


The high chances of fraud are because of impressions, clicks, follows and shares and the chances of the fraud from where it emerges is vanity metrics.


In this article, I would like to tell you that conversion is everything in Advertising if the conversion rate is high then you are going on the right track. If you see the symptom of vanity metrics in your conversion, then you are not going on the right track.


Through, vanity metric only the chances of ad frauds are emerging. The digital campaigns which you are running should be smooth and precise, and the problems which are coming on your campaigns should be detected and solved immediately. Follow your buyer what he likes and sell him, that’s your target audience which is real and will give you the best result in the future.


Many of the top marketing officers are very eager for their company’s result all they need is perfect result in less time. They have no patience and in that much hurry to make their results good they put the vanity metric and end up ruining their advertising campaign.


Such fraud results through vanity metric is never a useful thing. On the other hand, if digital market agencies start using and show the real results then all of the agencies will explore and will give the excellent effect.



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