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“Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising”- Mark Twain


Today in this article I will explain to you and give you a detailed explanation of the first push notification ad network Megapush. In the land of affiliate marketing industry, push notifications is one of the most excellent tools of communication which can change your audience numbers, as the name says Megapush get ready to push your network with Megapush to another level.

“Let’s know the insights of a push notification”

A push notification generally means pop up which comes on the screen which makes anybody’s work faster and easier, i.e. you don’t need to go on the website or on a particular landing page, straightaway it will appear on your screen which results in more higher conversions and helps you to attract your target audience.

Like your favorite food joints Mc Donalds, Starbucks or any discounts running at your favorite store push notifications tells you all and that too at the time when you are nearby. These location-based notifications are never ignored, isn’t that interesting? Yes, it is, and Megapush is the big thing in the market.

They are useful in all the fields whether you talk about affiliate marketing, media, advertising, etc. It will surely give you the best results with a long-lasting impression with the company you work with. Nevertheless, email campaigning also works well, but if you compare it with the push notification, this impresses many customers than emails.

Are you working in the affiliate industry? Know how well Megapush can make your advertisers and publishers happy with the push notification.

The Phenomenal Result

See how active push notifications are for Advertisers with Megapush

As an advertiser, you will surely want to reach and promote your products and services and get in touch with the topmost publishers of the industry. At Megapush yes you are on the right track as the push notifications cannot be ignored and if you serve them well then the chances of lead generation are on the higher side like custom alerts, pop-ups on deals.  

Working with Megapush you can make effective advertisements campaigns at unbeatable rates than any other platform with various payment options and worldwide reach which makes your campaign the best running campaign.


Perks of joining Megapush for advertisers are here at a glance:

  • Easy to use and monitor your account
  • 24*7 Assistance
  • The best worldwide reach of publishers
  • Check your daily stats report
  • Unbeatable advertising campaigns rates
  • CPC model for best results


See how active push notifications are for Publishers with Megapush

Did you get your niche website? Yes? Then you are in the right place with Megapush as it’s a push notification network you can generate results faster and higher, what else do you need to come up in the affiliate industry as a publisher. The best part about Megapush is you can come up with both adult and non-adult campaign and rest assure with Megapush which will surely be going to give you bright results for your network. The future is yours with the world of push notifications as they are not irritating like several popups which cover the entire screen and clicking it by mistake it lands you somewhere where you don’t even want to.


Perks of joining Megapush for publishers are here at a glance:

  • Ads for both non-adult and adult sites
  • 24*7 assistance
  • Multiple payment features
  • On time report of stats
  • Worldwide traffic
  • Quality Ads



As an affiliate when you join Megapush you will need to create your campaign to promote your offers. The user dashboard is pretty simple; you will not face any hassle while creating your account.

Now, check out these simple steps for campaign creation:-

Sign up

The first step which comes is signing up with a minimum deposit of $100. You can also use various payment options to deposit this amount.


The second step is clicking on the Start New campaign button, which can be customized. On this page, you have to fill certain things which are to be filled carefully. Under this, the most important thing which you need to pay heed is over the country you are selecting as Megapush system work on CPC (Cost per click). As soon as you choose the country, it will show you different pricing like e.g., the Vietnam minimum CPC is $0.50 and the US minimum CPC is $3.20.


Megapush Referral Program and Advantages

Are you interested in making online money? Megapush is the right platform, join their referral program and earn instant 3%.

With the above advantage, you can also meet millions of clicks as with Megapush you get 20+ million clicks which can take your business to another level without any third party involvement. On the other hand, you can generate a high ROI, and with CPC based pricing model you get high conversions.



At Megapush the growth is sustained so do join and create your new account instantly and enter into the world of Push notification feature which helps in innovative advertising.

Start with your new campaign and check out other deals at today.

Have any query about the Megapush review? Feel free to drop your reviews at the comment box below.



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