Publisher Spotlight: Piggy


Piggy is a consumer-first browser extension that provides customers trust from the most trusted distributors that they buy products at the highest possible cost.

By offering content vouchers, direct cashbacks to consumers or simply matching prices and comparing brands, consumers are certain to have peace of mind when purchasing via Piggy.

Our users find value in our product due to the ease of use, the exclusive benefits that come from being a member and the ability to simplify and shorten their shopping journey.

How and why you entered the affiliate marketing industry

The affiliate marketing channel seemed to be the apparent decision as our original launchpad, taking into consideration the kind of material we wished to provide our customers from day one. Relationships with networks and important organizations have provided us with a clear business path and enabled us to obtain powerful content and deliver to our customers while building relationships along the manner with some of the world’s major brands.

The networks have enabled us to build up our databases with relevant and refreshed material on a regular basis by using aggregated voucher and product feeds. Besides this, our key cashback offering is perfectly suited to the monitoring alternatives and commission model.

The relationships networks and organizations have with their customers are invaluable and have played a major role in developing Piggy to what it is today. As Piggy continues to develop in important global industries (including the EU’s expanded development), these relationships will stay crucial.

What have you learnt about the industry (good and bad)

It is essential to guarantee that our product is accessible from the “get-go” in as many markets as possible. With the correct structure, we have been able to pick up comparatively easily new network partnerships in new markets, and this plays a major role in our comprehensive development plan.

With this worldwide infrastructure in mind, we are aware that for each region we must have our “finger on the pulse” and guarantee that our customers are satisfied with their desires and needs. This all comes from localized knowledge, from having the most recognizable products to assisting fresh and upcoming companies and boutiques boost their brand awareness.

Changing consumer demand on a market-by-market basis is a challenge, as most global publishers and companies are no doubt conscious. From buying trends to in-market language and perceptions, everything can have an effect on your day-to-day results, we need to be agile to overcome and adapt to the difficulties that result.

Growth in 2019/last 12 months

Over the past 12 to 18 months, we have sustained a high rate of development and so far, 2019 has been no exception. We are eager to guarantee that every Piggy aspect continues to create the advertisers we work with, the markets we are accessible in and the product itself from our amount of active users.

This year, with the implementation of headcount on the floor, we made our presence in the EMEA markets more structured. We attend more activities on the market and visit more partners.

While our customer count continues to expand at a rapid pace, our retention rate remains above 95% and this is a real testament to the difficult job being put in place to guarantee that our product adds the correct value at the correct moment and in the correct location.

We are now working worldwide with more than 5,000 distributors, but we want to continue this endeavor by adding even more.


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