Pushing the Need for a Multi-Touch Attribution Model

Attribution Model
Article Source: PerformanceIN

As an affiliate agency wishing to evolve beyond over affiliate services, R.O.EYE needed to move away from just looking at performance on a ‘last-click’ attribution model. Being called R.O.EYE meant it was our duty to find new ways to demonstrate the value that we bring to an agency across all parts of the customer journey – not just last. What was driving customers at the top, and what was keeping them engaged with our brands on the path to sale across 4, 5, 6, 7 steps or more?… Read More>>

Whilst the platform was built as an in-house media planning, buying and tracking solution, clients quickly realized that they could use it to measure the performance of all of the digital marketing activity (paid and organic) using a central dashboard. Capitalising on this opportunity, R.O.EYE then formed a Business Insights team to take the analytic insights and turn them into commercial recommendations. The tool has now evolved to the point whereby it can now track every facet of online activity and use an AI-driven attribution engine to inform advertisers how they should be deploying their advertising budgets. This is across all channels and is entirely GDPR compliant.

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