Sapphirum Review: Advertisement Network


‘’Good advertising does not just circulate information. It penetrates the public mind with desires and belief’’ – Leo Burnett.

All the website visitors want different experience while browsing the websites, starting from layouts, ads, to content. The main thing which you need to keep in mind is the website should not be full of ads. The visitor might feel irritation if he see’s the page full of ads.

On whole, the thing which matters the most in the advertisement network and the banners which only a few websites put a heed on, among them the specialist in monetizing the entertainment traffic is the Sapphirum Advertisement.

Introduction on Sapphirum

If you are looking for the broadest range of CPA, CPC and CPM, the answer is Sapphirum, as it’s one of the best monetizing tools for entertainment traffic in the advertising industry, with exclusive campaigns and traffic all set up at Netherlands. On the other hand, the ad serving is International.

Why choose Sapphirum?

  • Prompt payment options
  • Earn 20% more revenue in comparison with other websites
  • Placement of ads is straightforward
  • Best desktop traffic monetize engine
  • Full customer support satisfaction
  • Make extra referral revenue

Get the additional Profit with Payload

Here are the details of the payload extra earning, what payload does to your website is it shows exactly the content according to the ad, no extra content is there in your ad, and on the other hand, the buttons on your websites precisely highlights according to your website’s design which got Google friendly browser which makes every detail secure, safe and fast.

Best Platform for publishers

Sapphirum allows brands, website owners, and publishers to use test their ads and layouts and then choose the best layout on which they want to work, but the only condition is they should not use the ads on illegal sites or the site should not have a past with broken copyright laws or the site should be adult or which violates the law.

Procedure of Payment with prompt payment pathways

The first payout is done within 48 hours and the publishers are paid on Net 15 basis through various payment options which are WMZ, Payoneer, Yandex money, Bitcoin, WME, Wire transfer, WebMoney and EPESE. On the other hand, the best part is you get paid bi-weekly with a minimum payment of $50 which is somewhat cool.

Speed, Security and more

The Sapphirum platform features a full security to all the website owners and publishers with efficient designed automated tool system which protects all the data of the website owner in one or the other way. Publishers can access all their account control by signing with Sapphirum.

Best ads with Sapphirum

Sapphirum pays the strongest heed over the ads which generates superb revenue in less time. On the whole, as a publisher and website owner you can quickly select and edit the layout options of your ad and after that directly paste your code and see how it shows up, Leave the rest on Sapphirum

At the end of this review, I would request all the publisher to share your experiences with Sapphirum and the new publishers who are finding this kind of network’s platform should immediately join and earn more than their expectations as it runs only on the bona fide websites. However, revenue entirely depends on the visitor’s location, traffic, ads layout or placement and niche.


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