Three things to expect in the year 2018-2019 in the World of Digital Marketing



In the meantime, the affiliate marketing is increasing day by day. People are facing day by day the ups and down also. On the other hand, last year it was reported as the toughest year for affiliate marketing industry. Now let us see what would be the next situation in this coming year.


Now, if we look at the affiliate marketing industry from 2018 and the coming years in the future, it might lead to disappointment for the people who are failing in it. So first of pull of your socks affiliates for this year and work harder till success knocks at your door and you should be ready for the things which you need grasp for success in affiliate marketing.


This is no magic like in every business there are ups and downs, that doesn’t mean you lose hope to try and fight the circumstances and overcome the situations which will lead to success. Like some of the affiliates offer the value product which converts their efforts into a good sale.


Customers want Live stream rather than playing YouTube.

The YouTube part is perfect these days as video content marketing is running right but as the time is changing people want more live streams rather than sitting back on a couch and watching a recording which customers are not sure of whether the record is real or just a lie of minutes behind the social media.

The thing which is more useful than these ads is the live conference of the product which gives the customer a surety that yes this is the real product which is launched today.


Message for the ads will shift to the practical phase

When the customers look at the ads, he certainly wants to know that now what can I do with this stuff or how can the product works well in the market. The thing which has to be paid heed on is the product detailed specifications because the consumer wants to know directly how to product helps the respective person company and how well it works in the future.


Focus will be more on the influencers

The things are crystal clear if you can convince at least one SME (Subject Matter Expert) then you can achieve your goal earliest possible. In this competitive market, people are suspicious about everybody’s product so you should be specified well regarding your product like what are you selling and how the customer will get benefit out of that particular product.

Another benefit of handing your product information to SME is that they will promote your product and simplify it in a significant way. But, what if you encourage it by your own and work well by showing your best efforts, the things which will work through SME’s you could also work like the same and maintain well in the market. Use your own individual sales team in different verticals and increase your sales faster than the past years.



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