TicketSocket Unveils Ice Cream Social, a Social Commerce Tool That Utilizes Affiliate Marketing


TicketSocket, the premier white label ticketing, registration, and data marketing company, today announced the release of Ice Cream Social (ICS), the social commerce tool that utilizes affiliate marketing concepts to turn every customer into a promoter. The powerful social invite tool allows vendors to increase sales via customer referrals that incentivize their network of friends, turning customers into influencers and their connections into leads. This elegant system seamlessly integrates with e-commerce sites to track conversions and aggregate customer data, encouraging increased and long-term repeat transactions.

“We are very excited to offer our customers this powerful tool to help increase leads, and therefore sales, and harness the data for their marketing efforts,” said Mark Miller, CEO of TicketSocket. “Our early results have already confirmed that Ice Cream Social has perfected viral social invites. We’re changing the paradigm of social commerce.”

While typical marketing referral tools are hindered by unwelcoming user interfaces and access to the data that is gathered, ICS breaks the mold by refining marketing technology with a customer-first approach:

Ice Cream Social gives converted customers an elegant and intuitive interface to share recent purchase pages with friends via Facebook, email, or SMS — with an incentive to make it worth their while. Rewards are easily customized by the vendor, and conversion tracking is completely integrated. Installation only requires pasting a brief Java code into a vendor site.

The conversions and shared referrals tracked by Ice Cream Social give vendors access to a wealth of potential customer data, allowing for unprecedented lead growth. Data privacy is a top priority for TicketSocket as well, which is why all marketing data aggregated by Ice Cream Social belongs solely to each vendor.

TicketSocket’s Ice Cream Social team works closely with each vendor client to optimize campaign strategies to maximize exposure and conversion rates. The team also generates the embedded JavaScript for the public facing offer page on vendor websites and the thank-you page once a customer has completed their order.

Ice Cream Social continues TicketSocket’s commitment to provide clients total freedom and control over their e-commerce and registration operations. Vendors have full access to and ownership of all data collected. Detailed analytics dashboards and campaign management tools optimally organize the information collected to illuminate valuable and actionable insights.


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