The Top 3 Social Media tendencies which You should aim in 2018



There was a time when social media was all about sharing pictures with your loved ones, show them where you are what changes in life you are facing and connecting with them no matter in whatever place you are, social media is the platform where you can get connected with your family and friends.


But, these days it is more of the business relations on Social Media which people are exchanging on Social Media even on SnapChat and Twitter to promote their brand in the best way possible. Even the young ones these days are well informed about everything which is happening around in the world, social media is creating a good knowledge among every individual of every nation.


Now and then Social Media is being used as a proof, no matter whether it’s a visual marketing or affiliate marketing it is always used for some good reasons and bad reasons too. Social searches are increasing like anything in today’s world, people before asking about any company or thing they prefer to find through Social Media because social media has won everybody’s heart and being used widely.


Here, in this article, I would like to discuss the 5 social media tendencies which should be seriously aimed this year:-

24 hours story

Snapchat started the fugitive content and won many hearts as you can set the time of the image or video you want to show to people who are added to your Snapchat account. This was later copied by Instagram under which the content could only be seen for 24 hours, about 200 million customers are already using this so if you calculate it for per month about 50 million people will start using this till the end of 2018. Approximately 1 million of advertisers are using Instagram stories and through which they are making money in the best way possible.

Just keep your profile public, after creating your business account and put your Instagram story by uploading your brand’s image or video which everybody could see it.

Does Marketing influence you?

There are so many marketing influencers who are influenced by other online marketers like YouTubers who are earning like anything, for example, Ryan 6 years old kid who has reviewed his toys on his channel and made millions through his toys reviews.



There are moreover, 100,000 chatbots on Facebook which are active monthly and as per researchers by 2020 30% of the  Chatbots are increased.

The bots which are running on Messenger, their productivity has been increased by 3.5%.

On the other hand, the content marketing is increasing day by day at a high rate. Focus on these 3 social media tendencies and rule the internet with your brand.


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