Top 3 ways to Spend Less Time on Affiliate Marketing



Are you also the one who is running an in-house affiliate marketing campaign and giving your maximum time on the program? Then you are on the wrong track as Affiliate Marketing is the platform where you should give less time and earn more and give heed on the other affiliate network more rather than the usual in-house affiliate marketing.


So, here are the top 3 ways to spend less time on affiliate marketing and focus on the main features of the affiliate marketing:-


  • The Pareto principle, i.e., the 80/20 rule

The principle is known as the 80/20 rule which states that less communication and more revenue from business. The main time taking process is more communication with the client so that you achieve more from your communication skills in the best way possible.

So the best you can learn from this point is attending topmost affiliates of the industry and generate more revenue out of it. That doesn’t mean that you don’t have to pay attention to other affiliates of the industry, you always have to make your customers happy either you can chat once or twice or you could also send emails to your clients.

  • Let Affiliate Find YOU

Rather than you go on to find a new affiliate, it’s better to go for the move in building yourself so that the affiliates find you. What the best thing you do is put efforts by talking to the top affiliates and make your importance in the affiliate industry. Instead of finding a time and make sure to get in touch with all the affiliates first try and show the affiliate world your signup link through strong SEO so that your first index page comes on the first page of the Google.

Secondly, clear all the terms and conditions about your network so that only legit networks join you and chances of frauds go down and down.

  • Chuck out Fraud faster

It takes around one week for a lead to get converted into a sale. So, what you need to do is keep an eye on the metric on a daily basis so that you should stop on time with that particular fraud network. This will not only help you in saving your hard earned money, but it will also save your time. On the other hand, one should also keep a record of CTR, click through rate as the network might be using bot traffic in which your money is wasted and time too. So bot should be nipped in the bud before it overgrows.



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