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If you are a business owner, you might be looking for some ways to promote and grow your business in social platforms such as Facebook, twitter or LinkedIn.  But is Twitter really helpful in growing a business? The answer lies in the question itself. If Twitter is already a successful social media platform, then ofcourse you can grow your business as well through this platform. With these kinds of involvement of social media in businesses, the owners will be able to engage more customers and drive the business goals. For successful judging whether your strategies are going on the right path or not, you need to measure the ROI (return on investment), which can be perfectly analysed by the analytical tools in the social networking sites. It can be challenging for you to understand how to use the analytic tools but once you are done with the basics, you can easily use it to boost up your ROI. Twitter has recently unveiled its analytics platform, which was long awaited by the marketers.

Twitter for Business

The fact is that Twitter is a green field for content marketers and social media managers. This fact has a point to be considered i.e. “Twitter is a green field”. Why? Let’s have a look over the statistics for Twitter.  This social networking site is having more than 241 million active users, over 500 million tweets per day and 2.1 billion searches every day. Easily we can see through the stats that marketers have a huge opportunity to engage with active and informed audience. How does an effective engagement happen? This was a hard work to analyse these engagements in the past 8 years, but recently due to the launching of Twitter analytics, it has become very easy.

twitter analytics

In an industry that is pairing web activities and bottom line ROI with brand awareness and overall market penetration, engagement is and can be the best way to demonstrate success and brand activity. It tells the whole story that who is interested in your brand, who is talking about your brand, to you brand or why. In the case of Twitter metrics which will be used in analytics tools,  engagement has been given the most important priority to determine things. For a tweet, engagement is a combination of replies, retweets, mentions and favorites.

What is Twitter Analytics?

Twitter Analytics has been recently launched by twitter, made available to all the users, which provides information about the promoted tweets. This information is nothing but just the tracking report of those links or tweets which one has tweeted over the last 28 days. This will help you in determining how much well and good the normal tweets as well as the promoted tweets are performing. Simply any kind of business or business owner can determine whether their present social media promotion strategy is working on twitter with the help of twitter analytics reports on their tweets. Twitter analytics will simply help the marketers to plan future marketing and content strategies that should be used on Twitter. With twitter analytics, users will be able to analyse the metrics that matter, especially in the case of online marketing.

Using twitter analytics and making yourself a better marketer

  • Find out the impressions for your tweets – As expected from any type of analytics tool, you can easily access to the impressions data for your tweets. You will just have to click on the date range button placed in the upper right corner of the screen. With this information, you can determine how many people have really seen your tweet in a 28 day time frame. After you have set the date range, a timeline will appear dynamically showing the impressions your tweet has received date wise.

how to use twitter analytics date

You can also determine whether your promoted tweets are working well or not. In the data showing impressions for your tweets, you will be given two lines of graph. One line shows the impression received on the normal tweets, and the other line shows the impressions received on the promoted or paid tweets.

  • Find out how people are engaging with your tweets – The Engagement data from the Twitter analytics can be a little tricky one but it is really rewarding marketing analysis tool. You will get detailed breakdown of the engagement metrics such as how many people re-tweeted your post, or clicked your post etc.

twitter analytics find out how to

In this way, you can analyse which form of engagement is being more beneficial to you and you can  change your existing strategies according to that. One trick to promote your links and tweets well is that always track the engaging user is either following you or not. If not, then make some strategies and try the user to make follow you. In this way, your tweets will be visible to more and more users.

  • Work on the demographics – With twitter analytics tool, you can view the demographics of your audience. You can easily track, that from which part or area of the world, your audience is growing.


how to use twitter location analytics


You can target those places with more effort to get good results instantly. Working on the present demographics will let you reach more and more people through your tweets.

  • Your follower’s interest – Twitter always show the top 10 interests of your followers and also the top 5 most unique interests of your followers. No one knows how does twitter take out this data from millions of users, but still this data can be beneficial to you for your marketing strategies.
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