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Vykonia is a tech-driven affiliate platform leading today’s mobile subscription market worldwide.

Founded in 2015, Vykonia has evolved into one of the strongest affiliate partners for sexy and mainstream mobile content offers, especially in emerging markets such as APAC, MENA, and LATAM.

We built Vykonia from 20+ years combined experience in the affiliate ecosystem in order to empower publishers in their quest for wealth. Our platform comprises the top performing and trending mobile subscription offers, the highest payouts and the best available billing flows per country.

What do we and our customers all have in common? We breathe compliance. And that’s a big factor if you’re looking to do business with us. Affiliates that can control their traffic and play by the house rules are taken to the Treasure Trove; others we drump back into the shark tank.

When you sign up with Vykonia, you get access to two products:

  1. Marketplace

Scroll and filter through hundreds of top converting direct offers worldwide in a beautiful freshly-redesigned marketplace. The marketplace gives you indicators of performance and popularity for each offer, allowing you to make quick and effective decisions as to what campaigns represent the largest opportunities.

Find an offer you like and set it up in only three clicks. We provide you with creatives, flow and targeting information so you only have to worry about making money!

  1. Proprietary Smartlink

Unlike other networks and platforms, Vykonia uses machine learning in order to optimize your global traffic. What does that mean? Imagine an artificial brain that is looking at thousands of data points every second of the day, looking for patterns that allow it to predict what specific click should go to what offer for a maximum return.

Loaded with the industry’s top converting inventory, our SmartLink is the prime choice for affiliates that like things automated.

We only convert what we’re best at. If there is part of your traffic that’s not converted at the level of your standards, we’ll send it back to you or to a network of your choice. Otherwise, it will be delivered to our arsenal of different monetization solutions: direct offers, programmatic RTB, CPC, CPM, CPA and much more.

Whatever your needs are, Vykonia’s mission is to put you in control of your earnings while making life as easy as possible for you. In other words, we want you to be as lazy and rich as humanly possible! 😊

The Vykonia Elite Team

Based in Prague, Vykonia is a multi-cultural squad. We speak 12 different languages and are happy to assist you in any of them (English, Russian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Danish, Swedish, Dutch, Hebrew, Polish, Italian and Czech). Our offices are open Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 6 PM (CET). We’ll always have an ice cold beer ready for you in the fridge in case you decide to swing by on your next visit to Prague!

To know more Contact Benjamin Pages

Email : [email protected]

Skype: live:b.pages_3

Mobile : +420608731492


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