What to Expect from Affiliate Marketing in 2019


Affiliate marketing is a very popular and effective way for websites to generate extra income and for business owners to effectively generate leads. Since it is so effective at meeting both of those goals, there’s no doubt it will continue to grow and change in the coming year. Here is what you can expect from affiliate marketing moving into the next year.

Influencers Are Going to be Massive Again

One of the ways that affiliate marketing has gained popularity is through the social media influencers that are actively peddling goods and making recommendations through their pictures and videos. Don’t look for that to stop any time soon in the next year. Basically, this works by with a company supporting a person’s videos and having them mention or perform a small advertisement for a product. It is basically like old radio ads except for the viewership on these sponsored videos is very high and can be specifically targeted.

CPA Marketing Agencies are Going to Grow

Another element of affiliate marketing that you can expect to see frequently in the next year is CPAs. This form of marketing has been a powerful force in internet marketing for most of the last decade and it’s not going anywhere. Companies partner with an affiliate network like Top offers to examine the best affiliate marketing partners that mesh well with their business. Links are placed on the company website that draws new visitors to the affiliate partner, and the host site is paid for the visits, leads, or actions performed on the site. It’s a versatile model that has shown consistent growth in recent years.

Personal Reviews will be a Driving Force

For most people that are searching for a product or service, there is nothing better than being able to see what other people thought about their experience prior to making a commitment. That is why reviews are going to be such a big force in affiliate marketing because they can be directly linked on a product page to favorably impact a customer’s purchase choice. Instead of a customer leaving the website and not making a purchase, they will take a short detour and have their worries allayed while they still remain a click away from a purchase.

Social Media is Expanding its Role

Whether it is active marketplaces like one sees on Facebook or an entirely new website that is based upon helping people find products, social media is going to play a role in affiliate marketing. The amazing wealth of information contained in social media profiles is allowing affiliates to create very specific and targeted advertisements to make sales. There’s going to be some push and pull with regards to advertising on social media, but all in all it looks like affiliate marketers are going to come out on top here.

It’s Not Just Text Anymore

Voice and images are going to be a profound part of affiliate marketing in the coming years. More and more people are searching for specific looks in clothes and apparel while others are bringing smart speakers into their homes. Affiliate marketers have to completely change their keywords and presentation to reflect the changing landscape of internet-based searches. Look for a radical shift in the classification of keywords and for companies to branch out in terms of their offerings to accommodate new forms of search traffic.

As you can see, 2019 is going to be a big year for affiliate marketing. Many of the potent forces within affiliate marketing are going to remain the same. However, there are always certain elements that are going to bring about change. With a renewed focus on the niche aspects of marketing along with the new technology that is being utilized for searches, there will certainly be interesting changes in the marketing forces in 2019.


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