Algo-Affiliates Review. All You Need to Know!


Type of offers: Crypto/Financial offers including Forex, CFDs and Cryptocurrencies.

Primary Features: Direct offers 

Payment options: Selection of Wire & BTC

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“At Algo-Affiliates, despite the digital world we all operate in, we’re all about building real and mutually beneficial relationships. All our affiliates know they can turn to us for honest and reliable support, which ultimately converts into rewards for everyone!”

Shay S – CMO Algo-Affiliates


The demand for high-quality affiliate offers in the Forex, CFD and Cryptocurrency market has been growing exponentially, but finding quality, reliable and reputable affiliate networks to work with can be challenging. This is where Algo-Affiliates is taking centre stage and has become an industry leader.

There is no denying that finance offers for trading are some of the most lucrative when it comes to affiliate marketing, but there are many elements to consider in order to reap the potential rewards. In these markets, the vast majority of offers are CPA based and conversion relies on the leads you send, depositing trading capital into their newly created trading accounts. In order for you as an affiliate to realize the true potential of your traffic, it is vital that the entire funnel is perfectly optimized. The banners, landing pages, mailers and every element needs to be polished and targeted and this is what separates the exceptional CPA networks from the crowd.

Algo-Affiliates is one of these standout CPA networks, that has really honed their offers and provides genuine professional support. Algo-Affiliates has more than 200 multilingual offers for Forex, CFDs and Cryptocurrencies for over 150 reputable brokers.. When you join Algo-Affiliates, you gain access to hundreds of tried and proven funnels that convert way above industry norms, in fact, on average their funnels have a 30% self-conversion rate.

In terms of tracking and the affiliate platform, Algo-Affiliates has invested substantially in this area to make sure everything an affiliate needs is accessible and easy to use, plus, most importantly the tracking is accurate and reliable. A key feature that Algo-Affiliates has perfected over the years is their AI-powered campaign optimization technology, which ensures that web traffic sees the best, localized offer for them, without any extra effort on the affiliate’s part. When it comes to commissions, Algo-Affiliates offers some of the most competitive CPAs in the industry, and when combined with their exceptional conversion rates, it’s easy to understand why their affiliates earn more. Beyond all the technology, offers and commissions, what really sets them apart, is their commitment to building partnerships, personal service and support.

Key Features of Algo Affiliates:

  • More than 200 multilingual offers, including mobile responsive landing pages, email and SMS conversion funnels, and a range of high converting, tailored creatives for all types of traffic.
  • Promote more than 150 reputable brokers worldwide.
  • All offers are dynamically optimized by an AI-powered smart algorithm, based on the traffic source, country, and broker for some of the highest EPCs in the market.
  • Intuitive, user-friendly and accurate tracking and reporting platform.
  • Self-conversion ratio of more than 30%.
  • Outstanding CPAs and tailored deals.
  • Professional and dedicated affiliate managers.
  • Timely and guaranteed payments.


? High payouts with some of the highest EPCs and conversion rates in the industry

? Huge range of offers, marketing material and funnels 

? Ultra-modern and intuitive affiliate platform with accurate tracking and reporting

? Personalized service and support


? Limited payment options, however not a serious factor

? There is a selection process for accepting new affiliates that requires a brief interview


When it comes to entering the affiliate arena for financial and trading offers, Algo-Affiliates is a solid choice. Their many years of knowledge and experience in digital marketing is evident in everything they do. Their CPAs combined with their conversion rates make them a highly lucrative program to work with. Most importantly, their commitment to service and support certainly sets them apart from the competition.

We hope you found this review of Algo-Affiliates useful and to learn more, be sure to visit their official website:


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