Affilaxy: Welcome to the Best Dating Affiliate Program



Are you looking for the best adult affiliate program? Your search ends here at Affilaxy one of the best dating affiliate program where you can search and find the right offers for promotion.

Starting from earning through their site you will also be provided all the links, banners and best promotional tools which will boost your website in the best possible way.


Why Join Affilaxy? Here is your answer!


Best promotional Tools

Banners, Popups, Profile Feed, Link Code, SignUp forms, etc. and much more and the best of all is that all the promo tools are available for Whitelables. 


High Payouts with 50% revenue share


Earn upto 50% of revenue share by directing the maximum number of traffic on their site and on the other hand, the purchases on their site through your referral you can earn upto 50% of the purchase price which will be for the lifetime.


Highest Conversion

What’s the point in spending on the program which doesn’t converts well, so join the best adult affiliate program and make your conversion go high with the best dating affiliate programs by choosing the variety of niches.


24*7 support team

Any query? Contact them, as their primary agenda is to give ‘Legendary Support.’ They are always there to answer your questions instantly. They offer round the clock support as they understand how important your query is.


Webmaster Referrals

Send all your Webmaster friends and earn upto 15% revenue share, this program is made for everybody who wants to earn more If they make $10000 a month, you will get an easy $1000 extra just for telling them about us! Pretty Cool, huh? Yes, it is, more the Webmasters you send the higher will be the payout.


Full traffic statistics


Affilaxy makes you always aware of your business, starting from your payment details to your signup stats and the best part is the earnings which you are getting through Affilaxy.




Want to create your dating website? With your unique look? Try Affilaxy Whitelabel which helps you to customize the website by putting different layouts, the Whitelabel will not only make the site elegant and unique, but it also works on all the devices such as tablets, mobiles, laptops, and desktops. With the Affilaxy Whitelabel builder, you will create the best dating website what you have ever seen.


At Affilaxy the growth is sustained so join now the best adult affiliate program. For instant payouts, you can promote your website on the website section click here to know more. 

So what are you waiting for, signup now and explore into the new world of adult affiliate program.




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