ClickDealer Nitro is upping the ante!


Being the underdog in any kind of competition isn’t easy. Especially in a race like ClickDealer Nitro, where a single affiliate can go up against a team or even a media buying agency. We at ClickDealer believe that making it on your own lies at the heart of affiliate marketing’s entrepreneurial spirit, so we have thought of a way to even the odds for our competitors. Here is how it’s going to go:

– On July 25th, five flags for the grand prize raffle of Porsche Taycan 4S will go out to 5 random participants who have generated $10k or more over the course of ClickDealer Nitro.

– Another five flags will go out to the top 5 revenue leaders of the contest on the same day.

– We will be distributing these flags live on July 25th.

This VIDEO will give you a good reason to start today!

This will keep the playing field even while giving a fighting chance to those of you flying solo in the race, so if you are serious about going for the grand prize, you still have enough time to make it over the $10k hurdle and tune in to our broadcast.

It’s about to get interesting, so CLICK HERE, and grab the opportunity!


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