“BEWARE” from the King of “SCAMMER” Bill Waggoner

Bill Waggoner
Source: MrktHub

Meet the king of scammer Bill Waggoner, the names which he is using for Skype and Facebook are Thomas Wade and Larsen Eastman.


According to the reports, he has appeared differently on social media by changing appearances on Facebook and Skype and give false promises of giving best email leads which will convert into massive sales, and in exchange, he charges them with the high amount with zero services.

Bill Waggoner
Picture Credits: MrktHub

More than hundreds of victims are unable to recover their money from him, and the number is not decreasing it is increasing like anything. Such scammers like Bill are not only ruining the image of the market, but also they are ruining other non-corrupted marketers as every client fears about giving the money to small networks, but all networks and people are not like Bill Waggoner.

Bill Waggoner
Image Credits: MrktHub

The affiliate marketing scams are increasing because of such scammers, all people must have to take strict measures and before giving an amount of money you should first check about the network and the person whom you are speaking to.

Soon, we’ll be coming with another section of scammers so that our readers and people who have faced internet marketing scams could easily find out whether to speak with the respective guy or not.




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