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Let me begin this review with a confession; the only reason I tried so many Facebook marketing tools was to find out what my competitors are doing. But what I realized after using the AdFox for Facebook marketing was that none of them could perform this task as perfect as it did. If you’re looking for a tool that just works for Facebook ad intelligence, use this. I have used a lot of campaign tools, and this is the easiest to use. I uncovered good campaigns and got some profitable ones. Want a bigger review? If yes, just go ahead.

I was looking for a way to get an upper hand on my competitors and boost my campaigns dramatically, and AdFox did exactly that in the most convenient way. I discarded all the other Facebook marketing tools and today, it’s the very first thing I head over to when conducting my campaigns.

AdFox tool is truly a next generation Facebook Competitive Tool. It is Loaded with features to uncover my competitors’ target audience, engagement levels, click rates, images, copy, and angles. Am sure that other Facebook marketers save a lot of time in research with AdFox tool! It only took me less than three minutes to look for all the information I required for my next Facebook campaign!

What is AdFox Facebook ads intelligence tool?

AdFox is a comprehensive, powerful and extremely -easy-to-use Facebook ad intelligence tool. It can help you find the best performing ads for any desired niche, and also replicate the same ad to earn profit, this is what it truly does for me.

AdFox provides you with many insights you need to know about your competitors to help you earn massive profit and break the bank! AdFox assists you in finding their Landing Pages, Funnels, AD Creatives, and much more all at a push of a single button without any hassle!


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Experience the excellent AdFox Ad Alert System

AdFox tool provides a very unique feature which alerts you whenever the system spots the ads which you desire. For example: If you are searching for any ads that have “smartphones” in its description/title then just Enter the Keyword you desire to get alerted for and AdFox tool will alert you whenever it spots any ads with the Keyword “smartphones” hence saving you a lot of time.

AdFox Ad Monitor System

AdFox provides another advanced feature which assists you to save time by only sending you alerts whenever it spots your competitors ads you desire to monitor and will help you stay focused. For instance, if you want to monitor some “XYZ” ad, and you forget to look for it whether the ad was found or not. AdFox tool will send you alerts every time it spots the “XYZ” ads again and again!

Skyrocket Your Campaigns

AdFox tool assists you in reduction your CPC by providing you with meaningful insights and enhances your CTR by more than 60 percent! Be on the forefront to look for new emerging opportunities and get an edge on your competition. Look for ads by targeting age, location, relationship status, gender, and many more.
• Access a large ever-updating database of social ads
• Be the first one to receive new ideas and get to know what is trending in the PPC arena.
• Save more than 50 percent of your ad expenses by researching the ads of your competitors and see what is functioning for them and who their targets are.
• Look for lead capture pages, sales pages, and land Pages Other Marketers Are Using!

AdFox is an amazing tool which I love using when launching my new ads on Facebook. It is a very critical tool for Facebook marketers, and this tool offers awesome targeting information that can be employed to launch successful Facebook ads campaigns.

Availability of AdFox Team

The team behind AdFox tool are always available round the clock seven days a week. You can drop them an email using the email address given on their contact page or reach them via the contact form. The team is always open for their customer’s feedbacks and to see how they can improve!

Your Simple and Quick Start
Using AdFox is not rocket science. You just need to set up an account, select your plan, carry out a research, apply the intelligence provided by AdFox tool and launch your campaigns without wasting your resources in just testing the ads.

Step 1. Registering With AdFox
Step 2. Start Researching The Campaigns!
Step 3. Launch Your Campaigns!

After Utilizing The AdFox Intelligence tool, I am pretty sure that you’ll be able to find what your competitors are doing and start your very best campaigns without digging deeper into your pockets in testing!

AdFox is a powerful tool that covers a wide range of countries which include Germany, Italy, France, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, United Kingdom, and the United States.

This social ad intelligence tool is top notch and very clean. The ads are perfectly organized making it very convenient to pinpoint and retain the best ones. Overall awesome experience and I highly recommend adding the tool to your arsenal of marketing weapons.

To conclude my AdFox review, let me say that I have had more than enough time and practical experience with it to confess that undeniably, AdFox does not only work but performs more perfectly than any Facebook marketer could expect. Truly, the tool helped crack into the most lucrative Facebook campaigns within no time.



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