Is Affiliate Marketing coming to the Blockchain Sector? Know the insights!



Now and then people of the affiliate marketing industry are talking about Blockchain sector in which the affiliate marketing industry is entering. The effect of the blockchain will be started from June 1, 2018.


Now, there is some ray of hope for the affiliate marketing industry because of AFFLICHAIN which is shaping the market with the introduction of the blockchain. The AFFILICHAIN team in fact also launched the first and largest forex affiliate network in the world, so they are very familiar with high-performance, trackable marketing.


With AFFLICHAIN, Advertisers can use the performance-based marketing which will result in good leads and income. AFFLICHAIN will be a beneficial tool for both advertisers and affiliates.


According to the Chief Business Development Manager of AFFLICHAIN, “Our goal with AFFILICHAIN is not only to introduce blockchain projects to affiliate marketing, but also to introduce affiliates to the blockchain sector, and our unique revenue share model is a great way to do this. The unique tracking system that tokentarget has developed opens the door to a lot of great opportunities for affiliate marketing, and we look forward to establishing the standard for affiliate marketing in the blockchain industry.”

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AFFICHAIN is offering the blockchain projects for all kind of verticals including events, education, eCommerce, ICOs, brokers, wallets and service providers for the payments. As AFFLICHAIN is powered by the most powerful tools which will improve the blockchain projects in the latter stages. This will not only boost the market but will also help the new users to participate and lead ahead in the industry.



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