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Even small sites with HQ traffic can give great CPM rates with Push Notifications ads.

I own a website since 2016, but somehow I never thought about monetizing traffic for a long time. Finally, I found a network to sell my traffic with popunder and push up ads.

Things were going well, but I wanted more. So that you understand –  the site is small and the rates were the same.

Recently I have received an invitation to try Clickadu push notifications. Guess, what I did?) Right, I decided to catch that chance.

Why Push Notifications?

They are safe and easy to use. Advertising algorithm is working on the nature of involvement basis so it doesn’t irritate your audience. It is Google-friendly advertising format and as for me, it is highly compatible with other ad formats. Moreover, Clickadu hasn’t any restrictions on web to use push notes.

Start working.

The setup was easy but any difficulties could be solved with your personal managers. The setup is an easy part and requires a simple code implementation. So, I put the code and it’s all.



Well, here I’m not saying about great revenue numbers, meanwhile, if you see the statistics,  Push notifications from Clickadu to have sweet CPM to publishers. Even on my traffic (I am not set myself shot) rates on Tier1 countries starts from $0.95.

So if you’re just starting and constantly work on website content and grow your high-quality audience, you can achieve much better results. I definitely recommend to try Push format on Clickadu, it’s up to you, but everyone sees the numbers.

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