How to Grow Your Business with Email Marketing


The principle way to enhance a business is by providing your users/customers with high-quality products and services. However like anything that can be sold, if it is advertised to an extent it is bound to have a better response. General advertising has been the second most used method to boost a business or increase its sales.

The basic advertising techniques like billboard advertising, distribution of pamphlets, using columns of magazines and even TV ads, all of these are beneficial and have proven to increase a company’s reach & value. However, a new and underrated method of advertising known as email marketing is afloat and it is being used by numerous companies to claim their ground in this product and service domain. This method is widely known as email marketing.

Email marketing is an audience specific marketing tactic, in which an email is drafted with such accuracy that the target audience feels that it was made for them. Due to which they seem to be interested in reading the email and try to get more information about what products and services the company provides. If businesses are not using email marketing as a part of its marketing campaign, well then it seems like they just don’t want anyone to come and buy their products. It is like as if a company is letting go of a suitcase of cash which could be theirs.

Now a person can go around writing hundreds of emails a day, which after a time may seem futile, or they can opt for an easy way out. We were talking about email templates. These pre-structured emails which have various designs tend to ease the work of the person drafting the email and also turn into a faster process. There are numerous email templates available online, each serving a different purpose. If you want to check some out, be sure to check out designmodo free newsletter templates, which are readily available.

The best part of using email templates is that each template can be used in a different way, and there are many such email templates available. All a user has to do is select an email template, enter the required content and then forward it to the specified list of emails, which it wishes to target.

Now in order for your business to grow, you require a good response for which you need to make sure your emails are up to the point. Then only will a subscriber consider reading it and buying the products and services your company has to offer. So, what is the best way to draft an email? Well, let me explain it to you.

Draft compatible emails

An email marketing campaign is considered a success when the reach within its target audience is effective. For which you have to ensure your emails are compatible with all platforms.

Hence all the details within the mail should be viewable by all your recipients. To which you will have to code your emails accordingly and possess knowledge of HTML5 and CSS.

Or, you can just go for email templates. As email templates are compatible with all platforms.

Do not write lengthy content

One thing that makes an email campaign futile, is that many writers make the content long and boring. Instead try making it brief, crisp and informative. Writing long essays in your emails won’t get you a good response, why so?

Well firstly, no one will devote more than a few minutes to read long emails. Secondly, when emails contain excessive information they may overpower the subscriber or may even seem as if you’re trying too hard. Thirdly, many users tend to ignore lengthy mails. While many users might consider your emails spam and might just unsubscribe.

Pro tip: All you have to do is make sure the email you have drafted has ample information but has an appealing look.

Target the mobile industry

Sending emails to PCs and laptops will grow your business by getting you a decent response, but this doesn’t cover the whole population of people you wish to target. One industry which is quite vast and should not be ignored when it comes to email marketing is the mobile industry.

Nowadays every other person is in a hurry and has someplace to be. Due to which individuals tend to opt for a quicker way of doing anything. Even in the case of viewing emails, they would prefer to use their mobiles and go through their emails rather than viewing it on a laptop.

This seems to be a more efficient way for them. And as it is known that there are more mobile users than PC users, so not targeting the mobile industry would turn out to be a loss for the company’s growth.


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