How To Make Money Through Online Casino Marketing


Technology modernization paved the way for many entrepreneurs to earn online, even without owning their own personal business. This is the concept behind affiliate marketing, where an online business owner pays for a successful sale a certain commission. This commission is given to an external site, known as the affiliate marketer, which referred to the client.

Advantages Of Online Casino Affiliate Programs

The advantage of an affiliate program for online casinos is the new customers who come to check out their site. An online casino business owner has more flexibility for the overall operation of his business without the need for a more marketing strategy to attract potential customers. It’s the monetary compensation they get for introducing new clients for the partners.

Online Casino Affiliate Programs Explained

Affiliate marketing has also penetrated the gaming industry where several affiliate gaming services already exist. Online casino affiliate services are considered to be one form of affiliate gaming, with the overall objective of finding new clients or casino games.

In this case, a online casino affiliate is paid each time a new customer clicks on the online casino via his affiliate link instead of paying a commission for a successful sale. Parallel to the prominence gained over time by online casinos, numerous casino affiliate programs emerged.

You can only be an affiliate of one or more online casinos, but in order to represent more than one brand, check online casino affiliate programs and make sure you check the’ bundling option.’

This simply means that one online casino’s profit will not affect the other, even though both brands are part of the same affiliate program. In this situation, the profits as an affiliate marketer will not be listed under a single umbrella.

Types of Online Casino Affiliate Programs

There are basically two types of online casino affiliate programs and these are the cost per lead or CPL, and cost per acquisition, or CPA. CPL ends when the commission is paid when a new client is introduced to the online casino.

On the other hand, the CPA is more extensive because the payments are made only when the client actually signs up.

Other Gaming Affiliate Programs

Including online casinos, online games affiliate programs are also available. As an affiliate, on popular online game sites, you can sell gaming accounts.

One of the most common affiliate online gaming programs is GamePal, where you can receive up to 25 percent of your referral connection sales.

There are also online affiliate gaming services that allow you to sell downloadable games, such as the affiliate program for Hoyle. Hoyle is open to affiliates from all countries, making it one of the most popular online gaming affiliate programs to date.

You can also look at GameFly where you can sell passes, consoles and computer games from a wide variety of manufacturers and receive 5-10% commission rate everywhere. This is perceived to be one of the most successful affiliate gaming services to date.

In addition, GameStop is known as one of the gaming industry’s largest physical retailers. Being a GameStop affiliate allows you with other benefits to have a commission rate of five percent.

Then Zygor is your best bet if you want to venture out as an affiliate of gaming guides. Unlike any of the other affiliate programs online games, Zygor sells game guides that enable you to earn more than one hundred bucks for a successful sale of their six guide collection.

Other notable affiliate programs for online games are Origin PC, Maingear PC and, to name a few, KontrolFreek.

While other affiliate gaming programs exploit tactical SEO strategies, affiliate online gaming programs are better marketed via YouTube and Twitch because both of these sites have a wide audience of young and old gamers.

Nonetheless, in some cases, an effective SEO strategy can still do the trick.

General Gaming Affiliate Program

General gaming covers all things related to gaming. Amazon and GameStop are among the biggest distributors for online gaming that have opened affiliate programs.

If a customer buys through your affiliate connection some gaming-related product, you’re sure to get a fee. That’s why, by enrolling in their affiliate program, you will definitely make money if you have a gaming blog or a YouTube channel.

The digital world can be an outlet to jumpstart your own business and refine your skills and talent, thanks to the advances in modern technology.

Through large affiliate schemes, anybody and anyone can make a living online, even in the gaming industry.


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