Interview with Faizan Ayubi, The CEO of Trackier Company.


Today in Our interview series, we introduce Mr. Faizan Ayubi, The CEO of Trackier Company. Now Let’s Start with Faizan

1. Hey, Faizan please introduce yourself to our readers. Also, tell us something about your Trackier? 

I am the CEO & Co-founder at Trackier. I am a programmer, researcher, manager, marketer & strategist. As a result, I have unique abilities to navigate complex challenges. I help Ad Agencies and Ad Networks making companies smartly manage their affiliate, Optimize their campaign performance, and Protect from Affiliate Fraud, making it simple and easy for everyone. Trackier is Customisable Performance Marketing Software used by Ad Networks, Agencies and Advertisers to manage publisher relations. Currently we are working on Machine Learning Algorithm to split traffic based on user behavior, interests, semantic relatedness to achieve higher conversion rates for performance marketing campaigns while also enabling our customers to pragmatically optimize and distribute campaigns among various sources, Our plans are to study 40 billion visitor clicks on various campaigns and derive an algorithm for optimizing campaigns and automating performance marketing.

2. When did you step into affiliate marketing and what made you start Trackier?

It was in the year 2016 while closely working with many of our colleagues from Ad Network I saw that there were many technical challenges which companies were facing while starting and scaling their performance marketing campaigns some of these were Conversion Fraud, Correct Source Attribution, Managing Partners efficiently. While there existed platforms for solving the problem but we thought of tackling those problems differently and thus Trackier came into existence with a vision to be the best performance marketing software in the world. Therefore I choose entrepreneurship over a job with a vision to revolutionize the Adtech industry.

The Management of Trackier consists of me (Faizan Ayubi CEO), Udit Verma (CMO), Hemant  Mann (CTO). 


3. What was the biggest challenge you faced in your startup?

The most challenging thing for me till now was the rebranding of our product from vNative to Trackier. The process of finding a new name and building a new identity is long, complicated and uncertain we did this rebranding in February 2019. Our name was confusing for quite a few of our first-time visitors. When they first arrive on our website, a lot of the users I meet during our test sessions think that we are a Native ads network. Our name really makes it hard for us to explain that we are Tech company and our product provides performance tracking for their CPA, CPI, CPS, etc campaigns and smoothly managing their affiliates. We have published the story around it here –

4. Where do u see Trackier in coming five years from now on?

Five years from now I see Trackier as a market leader in the Performance Marketing software industry. We have the vision to be the BEST PERFORMANCE MARKETING SOFTWARE in the world through innovation and advanced technology and everyone in the team is committed to our vision and creating an impressive product for the Indian IT sector (AdTech). Therefore it is also the best source of motivation for us.

5. How much competition do you find in the Tracking Software industry?

The competition is quite high with a lot of players coming into the industry. But our product solves the client’s problem better than the others. And we develop long-term relationships with our customers and clients and provide exceptional customer services by pursuing business through innovation and advanced technology. Innovation is a critical source of competitive advantage for businesses in virtually every industry and environment. We follow the lean model, and we have built our product around it. Before developing any customization or feature in our product, we ask a question to ourselves whether this will add value to our customers and help us be the best performance marketing software in the world. If the answer is yes, then we build it. Any support ticket generated is deeply studied on what caused the customer to ask that particular question and how can we fix that problem for them permanently, of course, that has to be related to performance marketing.

6. What are the best features of the Trackier?

We are a 360-degree affiliate tracking platform that aims to fully automate the network operations. Here are some features that will surely help you in boosting your ROI.

Smart link: You can monetize your extra Global Traffic with our Smart Link system on the basis of EPC or CR in real-time.

Fraud Tool: We have an inhouse Fraud Detection Tool. Get Fraud Clicks and Conversion insights directly in your account reporting and with unique Fraud Detection Technology

Optimize Rule: Campaign Optimize Rule in TRACKIER helps Networks to control traffic with undesirable conversion and increase profit margins. 

7. Why would you recommend Trackier over other Tracking Platforms?

We do things differently. Our core belief is on understanding the problems faced by our users in performance marketing and solving them efficiently with our Product. Trackier offers businesses a range of benefits, which are intended to improve the way they manage communication and relationships with their publishers. 

What gives us a cutting edge in the industry:

1) Campaign optimization: The tool is embedded with an array of functionalities that will cut down your operations time.

2) 100+ API integrations: Yep, that’s the highest in the market and we provide full-scale API support and integration process.

3) Platform robustness: We take pride in claiming that our platform never ever goes down and with absolute data loss proof.

4) Residual visitor management: The platform has basic and advanced functionalities to help you manage your residual clicks

5) Custom feature development: Our team is super flexible and motivated to customize the platform according to your requirements.

6) Conversion based pricing: We make sure that we get you the best deal.

As always feel free to contact Trackier for more details.

We would like to thank Faizan for taking out time from his busy schedule to answer all the questions for my readers. 



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