Australia’s first online small business lender launches new Affiliate Marketing Portal to provide


Capify, the most experienced Fintech online business lender in Australia, introduced this week its new Affiliate Marketing portal.

“Fintech needs to think quickly and innovate quicker in Australia. The affiliate portal derived from the development in the affiliate and broker market that we are experiencing. We want to work with partners in the local and international affiliate finance marketplace to make traditional banks and alternative lenders more competitive across Australia. Capify has been operating on the Australian market for more than eleven years and has lately secured a $135 million credit facility with Goldman Sachs to meet the financing demands of its clients, “says Capify’s Managing Director, John de Bree.

Last year’s study by the Australian government. The demand continues to expand for quick internet, unsecured tiny company finance. Small Australian businesses are a major contributor to the economy, with 2.2 million employing 44 percent of Australia’s private-sector workers, producing 35 percent of Australia’s Gross Domestic Product, and meeting development and cash flow demand is a critical task.

The Fintech recognizes technology advances as a priority to be customer-centered and assist companies attain success and development through their trip. The Affiliate Marketing Portal of Capify is altering the company of alternative lenders. The task of Capify is to continuously enhance the general experience of its customer and broker partner, such as offering partners with an API to enhance transparency as we engage with clients.

De Bree adds: “We are always looking for ways to enhance and enhance our footprint in the region, and by offering quality customer-centric automation for small business loans to Australian businesses, it helps the entire sector. The affiliate portal is just another step in the correct direction to develop our company, so Australian business owners have choices through our valued partners to provide even quicker, more competitive cashflow alternatives.

The affiliate portal is component of the engagement of Capify to create higher transparency and service with its Global Partners and to boost competition in the industry. With a committed team of broker development executives across Australia, Capify values its strategic partnerships and has a rewarding broker program.

Fred Schebesta, co-founderof Australia’s leading Financial Comparison website, said: “Watching new players like Capify enter the market and innovating ancient banking models through technology is noteworthy. Innovation improves the sector as a whole, and as a consequence, customers are the ultimate beneficiaries. Australian companies have a strong demand for fast financing, and as one of the first affiliate partners of Capify, we saw enhanced demand and competition from alternative funders like Capify compared to banks.

Capify’s philosophy is simple, and we provide the most flexible, fastest, and accessible commercial business loans for our clients. Capify streamlines internal processes passing on time and cost savings to our customers and partners.

About Capify

Capify offers fast, flexible funding alternatives for company loans to small and medium-sized businesses seeking working capital to maintain or develop their company. Capify values its strategic partner broker relationships and has a rewarding broker program throughout Australia with a committed team of BDMs. Between Australia and our sister business Capify UK, which offers comparable products to UK-based SMEs, we work worldwide with over 120 staff. Visit


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