Interview with Alexandr Bandurchin – CEO of CPAMonster


We’re very excited to present our second interview with the CEO of CPAMonster Alexandr Bandurchin. So, I managed to grab the interview of Alexandr Bandurchin who is expert in Affiliate Marketing. CPAMonster is the leading Affiliate Network delivering performance.

Alex shared how he started his journey with affiliate marketing and become the CEO of next big thing which is known as CPAMonster which has already begun dominating the market.


1)   Hi Alexandr, thanks for giving your time, please introduce yourself and about the CPAMonster?

Hello and thank you for this interview. My name is Alex, and I live in a small country named Moldova 😉 I started my project just this year in July. It was an emotional decision. Once I woke up and thought: “why all can manage their affiliate marketing but me not?” and from this moment I started to develop CPAMonster. I started from finding tracking platform which suited me at that date I found some advertisers and began driving traffic.

2)   According to you what would be the biggest change in the affiliate marketing in the last year or so?

Many competitors appeared in this domain. Most traffic sources became not profitable for competitive niches and against this background appeared a lot of scam ad agencies which drives fake and bad quality traffic, but I found many other good things for me which I will use in 2018. Some of them are messenger bots, solo ads,  etc. All of this is just my opinion and maybe some things seem ridiculous to Someone.

3)   You might spend your time travelling from one place to another often, what difference do you feel between the affiliate marketers?

Actually, I didn’t feel any difference between affiliate marketers. All of them strive to improve their situation to live better and therefore come to questionable schemes to increase their revenue it happens sometimes.

4)   Alexandr, who inspired you to enter into affiliate industry?

2 years ago I worked as a mailer in one big company. I observed how much traffic and revenue they generated and began to think about it. I red many articles, forums and other sources. I found too many information about affiliate marketing and started experiments with e-mail marketing and contextual ads. If I didn’t get a job in that company, I probably would have known about affiliate marketing nothing, so this job was an inspiration to me.

5)   tell us little about CPAMonster and what do you do over there?

CPAMonster is a little for the moment affiliate network. I have a good base of very good advertisers, and now I am looking for honest and responsible publishers and affiliate marketers. While this time also looking for experienced and positive am with who we will grow up for a couple of months I achieved significant success by my measure, but it is the beginning of the way in this hard industry. I believe that 2018 will be a good one for me and I am full of enthusiasm.

6)   There are many top rated affiliate networks out there, what makes CPAMonster solitary?

In my opinion, most significant part of networks has no significant difference. They all offer the same services and offers mostly. In this year I plan to encourage my affiliates and am with valuable prizes, travels to conferences and vacations on islands and mountains. So this will motivate for my all partners to become better in their domain.

7)   What do you enjoy most about affiliate marketing?

The greater pleasure to me is given by communication with new people and an understanding of what I could offer them and how we will cooperate in the future. I like to read fresh news about affiliate marketing. These things motivate me and make me think more how to progress faster and come up with new ideas for business.

8)   What advise will you give to the newbies who are about to start with affiliate marketing?

The main rule is to try, learn from your mistakes and never give up. After mistakes, everything will turn out better than you planned and this is an amazing feeling that will inspire you to do more in affiliate marketing and life in general.

9)   Tell us any 2-3 elements to run a successful affiliate campaign?

One of the essential element is an aspiration. Without aspiration, you will not succeed. And other things are technical: tracking platform, traffic sources, competent advertisers and publishers/affiliate marketers. In my opinion, those are basic for further growth.

10)  what are the top converting niches at CPAMonster?

Sweepstakes, insurance, dating and sometimes loans.

11)  What do you think is the biggest challenge for affiliate industry are right now and how are you going to deal with those hurdles?

The main problem – is the provision of poor quality services traffic sellers and agencies. From this trash is hard to find good traffic and “old agencies” in the market are already “squeezed out” in all niches. I think need to realize a new way of advertising because technology is growing fast and there are some new technologies like blockchain that are not adapted for affiliate marketing.

12)  So, Alexandr what’s next for CPAMonster, like what is your goal for 2018?

The goal for 2018 is to grow up and become better known online, become competitive between affiliate networks and make my partners happier.

13)  Anything else would you like to share with our readers?

I wish every reader in the new year success, progress, and achievement of goals. We all will succeed, and everything new will become a great wealth for us!




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