Interview with Tarun Nayyar the CEO/Director of TARSAN MVAS Network.



Today in our Interview series. We introduce Mr.Tarun Nayyar the Director of TARSAN . Mr.Tarun Nayyar shares our Affiliate marketing experience with us.

So Let’s get started with Tarun.

  • Hello Tarun, Tell me about yourself and the TARSAN?

We are Tarsan, established in 2012, is a global performance based Mobile Media Network working directly with some of the best advertisers and agencies around the world.

Tarsan helps in creating a clear and quantifiable value for our customers by giving genuine and quality users.

We focus on wide range of direct and exclusive campaigns to ensure the complete utilization of traffic coming through any of our sources, our dedicated account managers ensure to provide timely reports and give assistance to queries generated asap.

The services that we offer to our clients are:

  • 5000+ Performance based (CPI / CPR / CPS / CPL / CPT) campaigns with worldwide reach & best rates, along different verticals like Games, Casino, E-com, Utility, Finance
  • Display / Mainstream (Branding)
  • Industry best fill rates
  • Flexibility to work with different integrations – API / S2S
  • Monthly, biweekly & weekly payments
  • Variety of Payment Methods
  • We have our in-house gaming portal running in Qatar, Poland, Egypt, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka

Tarsan has been recognized under SiliconIndia amongst 20 most Promising Advertising Technology companies of 2018 – SiliconIndia.

We are also recognized as Young Entrepreneurs to watch in 2018 by Startup City Magazine – Startup City                                     

  • What was your first affiliate marketing success?

The first success came in the year 2014-15. We ran Yepme Cost per Install campaign with hard KPI of merchandise sale. We call it a success for the 2 reasons – first, it was a difficult campaign to run and secondly, we were new to the affiliate marketing but still managed to get the budgets exhausted. We interacted with a lot of affiliates and was a great learning experience. It was also a success as because of it, we are now an established network in the industry with high brand recall.

  • How do I get quality affiliates to promote my own products and services?

You can get quality affiliates by trial and test. You can also do your research and understand which affiliate works well for which vertical or product. You should also understand the source of the traffic of the affiliate.

  • Do you think that super affiliates necessarily need to use PPC to power their campaigns? Or is it possible to make big money with affiliate marketing without using PPC?

I feel that it has to be a mix of both. It is a matter of reach and optimal use of sources and inventories. Affiliates can give you scale and expertise. It also gives the tried and tested userbase.

  • What is affiliate scrubbing/shaving, and what do you think about it? Suppose I already have a website or blog with decent traffic.

Affiliate scrubbing/shaving should not happen. In the long run, it hampers the relationship between the affiliates, publishers, and advertisers. It makes it difficult to optimize the campaigns. It also hampers the user experience.

  • How can I use affiliate marketing to monetize my site?

Affiliate marketers can use your traffic to sell products of their advertisers and hence you can make money on the same. You will have to provide demographics of the traffic visiting your website or blog.

  • There are so many offers out there to promote. How do I choose the right ones for my blog/audience?

For this, you will have to analyze your audience and their needs. Pick up offers which are most likely to be taken by the kind of audience that you have. Also, look at the top offers from the affiliates.

  • What was your biggest challenge when you Started your career into this industry?

To understand the ever-evolving dynamic nature of the business. The payment cycles, fraud at advertiser and affiliate level. No entry barrier in the business. All it takes is a laptop to start an affiliate which leads to ridiculous pricing and hence raises the probability of fraud and ingenuine leads.

  • What suggestions would you like to give to our readers?

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I would like to thank Tarun for taking out time from his busy schedule to answer all the questions for my readers. 


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