Interview with the CEO of Traffic Company Wouter Groenewoud


Today, in our interview series we are here again, interviewing Wouter Groenewoud CEO of Traffic Company.

Affiliate Marketing


  1. So, Wouter Tell me about yourself and your network?

Traffic Company is a CPA Network with its own in-house built offers and (exclusive) offers from third parties. Our headquarters is based in Leeuwarden, located in the north of The Netherlands.

We are specialized in the monetization of (mainly) mobile and desktop traffic. We provide affiliates with a simple, but powerful, platform that converts traffic through performance-based marketing (CPA, CPL, CPI, CPS).

I am the General Manager at Traffic Company, and together with a dedicated team, we’re always standing by to help our affiliates optimize through continuously analyzing the performance and results of their campaigns.


  1. What made you choose the affiliate marketing as your career? And how much you struggled when you were a newbie?

When I was a student, I often hung around with people who made money with online marketing. This caught my attention, so I decided to investigate this some more. That’s when I discovered affiliate marketing.

At that time I mainly got my traffic from ad campaigns on platforms like Google and eBay, which I then sent to several different advertisers.


  1. What was your biggest challenge when you entered into this industry?

It’s hard to pinpoint one single challenge because in this industry we face new challenges every day. The market is changing rapidly, and we need to adapt real fast to keep up.

At some point you realise that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to do these things alone, so you need to get some help. Working with new colleagues can be a challenge sometimes because it means you will have to give up control while also trying to maintain your high-quality standards.  

Losing control and not knowing exactly what is happening in detail can still be a bit challenging for me from time to time.


  1.  What are your calibers which makes you different from other CEOs in the affiliate marketing?

Our team of professionals has created a unique algorithm that makes sure that all traffic will be sent to the most profitable offer in the market. This allows us to guarantee the highest possible profit. We also we have many exclusive, in-house developed offers, we provide worldwide coverage, and you can always trust us to provide reliable payments.


  1.  How do you see your company in next 5 years?

We always listen to our partners, because we think they’re largely responsible for the strength of our network. That’s why we have grown this fast in the recent years, and we are driven to continue this trend for the coming years and remain a competitive player in the market.

Currently, we have a strong focus on mobile and particularly 1-2 click flow offers. For the coming years, I expect that our focus will be mostly on offering more verticals like sweepstakes, nutra, casino, and games.    


  1.  How much you accomplished and what do you hope to accomplish next in your career?

Even though I’ve never set any special goals for what I want to accomplish in my career, I am proud of what I’ve achieved so far. But in the end, it’s not me that I can thank that. If you work in a team, you have to rely on many different people. If they perform poorly, it will also affect you.

Our partners usually only deal with our sales and marketing people, but without the help of our great tech team, we’d be nowhere. If these developers would not deliver the great job they do now, our results would also suffer. We all rely on each other.  


  1.  Why you choose the affiliate marketing to build your career?

The nice thing about affiliate marketing is that your work is performance-based and that we’re always driven to deliver the best quality. We see our affiliates as partners because we have the same goals. We want them to get the most conversions as possible because when they don’t convert, we both don’t get paid. So an affiliate and a network are in a sort of symbiotic relationship where we both rely on each other for our success.


  1.   Tell, us more about Traffic Company.

Our main goal at Traffic Company is to get the maximum conversion from our affiliates’ traffic. It’s as simple as that. To achieve this, we have developed a unique traffic distribution system that analyzes each visitor and sent it to the best matching offer. As an alternative to this automated ‘Smart Link’ we also supply our partners with fixed/direct offer links through our offer wall.

Signing up with Traffic Company gives users access to their dashboard with reports, promotion tools, invoices and news updates. Each affiliate gets a dedicated account manager that is always available for questions and special requests like custom landers etc.

And last, but not least, we can also guarantee to get you the highest possible profit. What more could you want?


  1.    How much competitive you find the affiliate marketing?

There is a fair amount of competition in this business, but we don’t consider this a threat. In fact, it has been really good for us since competition gives us the motivation to keep up and it will keep making us stronger. In my opinion, this rivalry drives the entire market to a higher level. And remember the most important thing; if there’s competition, there’s business!


  1.  What’s the most exciting thing you find about the affiliate marketing?

One of the most exciting things in affiliate marketing is that it’s developing fast and we get the opportunity to work with the latest technologies. We develop our own technologies as well. It’s really exciting to be part of a team and industry that is always ahead.


  1.  Thank you so much, Wouter, anything else you want to share with our readers?

Sign up at and experience the benefits of our unique network.

Affiliate Marketing


I would like to thank Wouter for taking out time from his busy schedule to answer all the questions for my readers. If you want us to interview you kindly contact us at [email protected]


  1. Nice read from a great guy! I learned a lot from you over the years and I’m looking forward to meet you once in person at a conference or so! And I think I owe you a drink, cause thanks to you I am making good money as an affiliate/media buyer! Keep up the good work!


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