Interview with Samrath Gupta, Affiliate Manager of CPA Prosperity


We are here again for another affiliate marketing interview, and this time it is Samrath Gupta. He is the affiliate manager of CPA Prosperity. Samrath is well doing in the affiliate industry from past 7 years and helping newbies in the best way possible.

  •    Hi Samrath, Tell me about yourself and a little about CPA prosperity? Describe your responsibilities there.

Hi, First of all, thanks a lot for inviting me to this interview. As you know, I’m Samrath Gupta and currently working as Affiliate Manager With CPA Prosperity Inc. I’ve been into this affiliate industry from past 8+ years, and I don’t plan to leave this industry anytime soon 😛 CPA Prosperity Inc. Is one of the BEST CPA Company you will ever work with, and that’s what our affiliates tell others too. CPA Prosperity is run by the best people in the Industry, and they know what they are doing!

  •    Where have you worked in the past? What did you learn there and what ignited the spark in you to enter into this industry?

I started working as Affiliate Manager back in 2011 with Double Play Media and then went to CWinter Media, and after CWinter I joined CPA Prosperity, and it’s been around 6 years already with CPA Prosperity, and it was the BEST decision of my life. I learned many things at different places and most important what you learn today may become useless after some time. The industry is evolving like crazy, and all the old things are becoming junk these days. As they say, Innovation is the key! Be innovative.

I desired to be rich which got me into this industry. I always wanted to make tons of money like every tom dick and harry and especially I wanted to make money on autopilot so I found this way and so far as the McDonald’s say- I’m Lovin it!


  •    How long have you been working in this industry? And share your experiences when you were a newbie to this industry.

I’ve been into this industry from 8+ years, and I’ve my fair share of good and bad experiences. As A newbie I always ran after shortcuts and ended up wasting my time, energy and money. To all the newbies coming in industry, I request you all to please do not run for shortcuts. Aim for bigger goals and make a path to achieve it. Always set a period for your goals.


  •    What motivates you the most and how far are you willing to go to succeed?

It’s my greed and needs honestly which motivate me like crazy and I can go to any extent to succeed. As they say, everything is fair in love and war and this is no less than a war where everyone is fighting to get their share of this huge pie. Why should I stay back?

  •    Does a person need to spend money to make money with affiliate marketing?

It’s completely optional. Free methods will take a long time and paid will be quite fast and better IMO. Both the methods will work.

  •    What would you suggest, first choose an offer and then build a website or a person should choose the other way around, like first build the website and then find the best offers?

It’s a step by step thing. Choose the offer, Do your proper research and analysis and then build your plan like how to promote it and all then you should go for making a site.

  •    What is lead scrubbing/cleaning, and what do you think about it and what suggestions you would like to give to our readers?

Lead Scrubbing is a common thing industrywide. Affiliates should know that almost all networks will do it sooner or later and this is not a bad thing. Let me explain. Advertisers mostly do lead scrubbing in case of duplicate data, fake data, fake leads, stolen CC submits,etc.. This is why Advertisers or network scrub off the bad leads and pay you for the good leads.

  •    From where should a person gets the quality affiliates to promote their products and services?

It depends. Assume you have a product which helps bald people to get hairs again then I’d suggest finding the owners of good hair related blogs, forums, and Facebook group admins. Their readers can turn into your customers easily!

  •    What is the best way to achieve long-term success in affiliate marketing? What was your company’s profit last year?

To achieve long-term success, you need to set long-term income goals. You need to focus on recurring earnings than one-time earnings. Create or promote something which your users can use for months, and you get paid for months. Once you accumulate good sum again invest in such thing and profit more!

  •    There are hundreds of offers to promote outside, how to choose the right ones out of hundreds?

It depends on what kind of offers you feel connected with and feels you can promote that specific offer like no one else can. Many people yet do great in email/zip submit offers because they know what they are doing. If you want to profit HUGE then always choose the trendiest offer and see if people are crazy about it. Many people email submit offers of iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 because people are crazy for such gadgets and everyone loves to get one for free. Hope you are getting my point.

  •    Do you lose money on the offers when you hunt for the profitable ones? Is this process imminent?

Yea and I assume everyone gets in this case. This is called Split Testing where you test same offer with different creatives and find the best one. You might lose money in the beginning, but you will recover it once you get your best performing creative.


  •    Do you accept newbies? If so, then what are the essential qualifications or skills should a newbie possess?

Yes. We do accept newbies, but we expect the newbie to be familiar with the industry at least have a roadmap of what they plan to do. We are okay with newbies, but we are not okay with newbies trying to look like a Pro and failing miserably!

  •    Thank you so much Samrath for a lovely evening, it was nice talking to you man. If there is any message, you want to convey to our Affpub readers?

Thanks a lot for this interview and it was really very nice talking to you. To All the AffPub readers reading this right I’ll recommend you guys to work on a solid plan than wasting your time in catching small fishes. Aim for the big one.

Also, Check out CPA Prosperity, you will get the opportunity to work with the planet’s best network.




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