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Today in our interview series, we introduce Mr. Zac Johnson. He has been making money online for over 20 years now and started blogging back in 2007. It’s been a crazy ride and through his stories, guidance and tutorial on this blog.

So let’s get started with Mr. Zac Johnson

  1. Hi Zac, Thanks for giving your time, please introduce yourself and tell us something about Zac Johnson blog?

In short, I’m someone that loves the idea of entrepreneurship and being in control of their own destiny, financial future, or whatever you want to call it. This is something I’ve related to from a very young age and was always coming up with new and exciting ways to make money as a kid and while in school.

I launched back in 2007 for a few different reasons, but the main reason was that I wanted to become a brand of my own and not just a site owner or affiliate marketer anymore. I actually had the domain name since around 2001, but didn’t do anything with it until I launched the blog (which was also the first time I used WordPress as well. Everything before that was in HTML). Long story short, launching the blog was one of the best decisions I’ve made and it’s completely changed my life and business for the better in the process.

  1. How do you see the company changing in 10 years, and how do you see yourself creating that change?

I’ve already been making money online for over 20 years now, so I’ve definitely been through a lot of changes over the years, and have learned to adapt with all changes in the industry. In the years to come, I think we are going to see less of the traditional (search and websites) internet that we are now used to, and more about personal experiences, mobile usage, and the eventual integration of ‘on person’ technology and internet access. We are already seeing this type of movement with mobile devices, iwatches, tracking bands and much more… but to look ten years into the future, technology is growing and advancing at such a rapid rate, who knows what could happen!

Even with all of that being said, there are still going to be ways to make money online or addressing the needs of clients and customers in new ways. The important thing is to continually adapt and change your business, so it isn’t left behind to die.

  1. What are your goals?

To live a happy life, where I get to spend my time and interests where I like. More important than anything, is the health and future of my family. Business-wise, I still want to be working from the comfort of my home and enjoying what I do. These things are what is priceless in life.

  1. Please share me good and bad moment in journey.

GOOD — Since launching the blog back in 2007, there have been plenty of new, fun, and amazing opportunities as a result of it. Every day I get emails from people that are reading my content for the first time, and they will let me know they just

started making money online or maybe went live with a blog for the first time. These are all amazing, and countless stories of ROI I keep getting out of the blog. Another great moment from the blog is when I got featured in a documentary that premiered in Hollywood, CA and it was all about entrepreneurs and how they make money from home or in their own way. Again, this was 100% because of the branding and exposure the blog has brought in over the years.

BAD — When you have a website or blog that is associated with yourself or based on your name, you definitely are putting yourself out there and are open to attacks, haters, or whatever you want to call it. These ‘could’ be bad, but they could also make you a much better and stronger person as a result of it. Just like a blog can bring in positive opportunities, it can bring bad ones as well — especially if you are in the ‘make money online’ niche or are showing that you are finding success of your own. With all of that being said, it’s tough to weed out some bad moments as a result of the blog, but there is one I can highlight that happened during my blogging years and something I talked about during the process as well. That was when Superstorm Sandy hit the East Coast and flooded our home and my office.

  1. How do you manage time to run your blog efficiently?

Everyone has their own methods or ways to run their blogs and businesses online. Since I run a few different sites, it’s all about finding a way to continually grow in reach and create new content that will keep working for you. Even with SEO and Google traffic phasing out, it’s still one of my favorite ways to increase traffic, put content to use, and also grow my audience over time. Once you get good at content creation and SEO, you will start to get a better idea on where and how to best spend your time and effort. I also use a few tools for social media automation and updates as well. The majority of time is spent on content outreach, working with site partners/advertising, and getting exposure through new outlets. The good thing is, now matter what content I create, or where my latest posts are being posted, I’m still growing exposure to the underlying ‘Zac Johnson’ brand.

  1. How do you motivate yourself to keep the blog up and running?

This goes back to what I mentioned in the opening question — as I always had an interest and passion for entrepreneurship.

At the same time, when you work for yourself, there is no other option. You need to continually make money, find success, and earn a living. This is why entrepreneurs are a special breed. In no way should it even be considered that this (making money online or running a profitable business) is easy.

  1. A lot of people think that blogging is an easy way to make money online. Do you have some tips for those people who are interested in making money from the blog?Excellent follow up question to what I just pointed on. Here are two ways for me to break this down as simple as possible.1 – Blogging is easy.2 – Making money with blogging is NOT easy.Why is this the case? Simple. There are now more than a billion active sites on the internet today and they are all creating new content. This means there are a billion sites you need to compete and rank against. At the same time, when something is ‘free’, many people will jump in get started, but not actually put in the time, work, and effort to trun it into something amazing. Anyone can get started with a blog for free, and even if you go with a domain name and shared hosting, you are looking at costs of just $10 per month.If you want to make money with a blog, you NEED to treat it like a business. It needs to have a target audience, something of value to offer, and a monetization plan. Without these, it’s just another content site clogging up the internet. Content creators also need to niche down as much as possible, and have a reason why their site or content is better than what’s currently already out there.

    I could talk about this all day, but in short… way too many people are relying on just ‘creating content’, when the internet is already completed saturated with it. A good reference guide on how to find a winning niche, picking a solid affiliate offer, and then building a successful blog around all of this, can be found here. In short, you need to treat your blog like a real business if you expect to make money with it.

    1. Tell our readers about your upcoming projects?


    For the most part, I’m still heavily focused on my handful of websites that I’ve been working on a few years now. I also have side projects here and there, but I like to limit my distractions, as it pulls aways from the sites and businesses that really deserve my attention. I’m also focusing more time and effort on launching new courses, and would also like to put more time into video as well. I’ve done a lot of video for online courses, but pretty much nothing in terms of growing a YouTube channel or following.

    1. How do you attract new readers ? Describe the methods you’ve used and their impact on blog traffic?Interview
      Pretty much from everywhere. I’ve talked about the process and benefits of blogging and creating content, but I also do a lot of writing on other sites as well. This is an excellent way to put your name and expertise in front of new audiences. I also speak at various conferences throughout the world, and do on-site interviews like this one. The more you put yourself out there, the more ways people can find you. It’s all about having an expertise and getting your name and knowledge out there within your industry.

      1. Can you share us recommendation to improve blog and any message to our Affpub readers?


      My best advice would be to simply get started. This applies to everyone — whether they already have a blog, are making money online, or still sitting on the sidelines. Way too many people study the process and try to learn from others before getting started. The best way to learn and find success, is to simply get started with the process and learn from your own mistakes. Sure, there are great reference guides and courses out there to learn from, but don’t wait until you think you’ve mastered the process before getting started. By the time you do, so many other people will have gotten in ahead of you and the industry may have already changed by then.

      As always, feel free to contact me through my blog at and I’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as possible!


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