Interview with the CEO of AdsMain Affiliate Network, Vlad Troy



Today, we are here with another interview with Vlad Troy the CEO/senior account manager. He is known as a geek with a vast knowledge of CPA marketing, and he is here to tell us the best techniques of CPA marketing. He started his career as a publisher, and today he is the CEO and founder of AdsMain.

So let’s get started with Vlad.


  • Hey Vlad, how are you? Tell us something about yourself and AdsMain and what do you do there?

    Right now, I’m a team leader and senior account manager. We are increasing our media buy department and most of the work is on my shoulders. About AdsMain, mostly nothing really changed during all these years, we are still an affiliate network and an advertising agency with our own media buy team now.



  • There are many fraud publishers everywhere. How do you rectify them and manage to provide genuine traffic to the advertisers? First of all, I totally agree – there are many frauds in this industry and if you are an affiliate network, fraud will always be with you, unfortunately…Yes, you can lower fraud % and fight with it, but if you are growing and accepting new traffic sources – fraud will always be there.We do a lot of work to minimize fraud from our publishers. We make video calls, ask for references, ask for placements and proofs of past experience in affiliate marketing. We give test caps and do manual and automatic anti-fraud monitoring.

    A few years ago, we decided that if we can’t clean our publisher’s traffic totally, then we should have our own traffic. We started to buy traffic our self. Now AdsMain has a big team of professionals who buy WW traffic for mobile CPI, for mobile subscriptions, CPLs and CPS offers. This traffic is our – and it is 100% clean.
  • Vlad, in affiliate marketing how one can maintain the user-retention for the long-term relationship. What suggestion would you like to give our readers so that they could improve themselves?

    The best and the most important thing is engagement. To have it you have to follow some of the major rules:
     –    in order to build long-term relationships with your customers/publishers/clients, you need to show how profitable it will be for them. To do that you need to know your customer.
    –    always give more than they expect
    –    implement a loyalty program
    –    keep updated, but don’t be annoying
    –    treat them all as they are VIPs
    –    last but one of the most important – content. You need to have something they need.



  • Getting into CPA is a hard task for newbies. What suggestions would you like to give to our readers?Same as getting into anything else! If you want to succeed with anything – study it. Read good blogs, books, review cases and other info shared by gurus. There is a lot of material right now available for everyone.You will also need some money to start. My advice – prepare to lose everything in the beginning. In most cases you will lose the money – it is law. It works and you should just accept this loss. But, this loss would be useless if you would not optimize and set up everything correctly after. To do that – you should have studied it. So, first study, then invest!


  • What are the best tools which should be used in Affiliate Marketing to earn maximum and get the perfect result?Choose a good tracker. I don’t want to advice anything particular. Just pick the one you feel more comfortable with. Almost all of them doing the same job and have almost same features.If you plan to be a publisher/media buyer, find someone who can make custom creatives and landings for you. It is very important to use your own. If you have no one to help you, learn how to do that in WP or use free or cheap LP constructors.Next is – spying. Yes after you get some experience you will need it and you will know how to use it. But, don’t forget, that if you run product that is new to the market, spy tool is not much needed, as spy tools need time to collect information.Test before you buy! Test yourself using proxy or VPN if the campaign is not for your country. If you can’t test to get a conversion, at least test and see that all links are correct and forward you to the desired LP.Personally, I use: HasOffers, LP designer in our team, Adbeat/Adplexity, AffiliTest


  • AdsMain is my most loved network. According to you what makes this an excellent platform?Love is something that is hard to keep over years. Only trust and respect can keep this feeling for so long.We gained trust of our publishers by paying them on time and not scrubbing. We respect them and try to give best offers, rates, and support. We are opened and ready to work with everyone who is not hiding anything.


  • What are your plans for 2018?
    We are planning to start many new projects. I can’t tell much right now, but I can say a bit…DSP – planning to launch our own supply platform. Not sure if we will make it in 2018, but we are going in that direction.Launching more own apps for Android and iOS. Our plans are serious in this area. We need to have more directly operated and own offers with our APK.



  • What is the future of CPA and AdsMain together? Please share your experience.Believe that there is great future of AdsMain. Whether it be in CPA or CPI or any other CP – it doesn’t really matter. I personally believe that we will continue our “network way” and will add more and more features which will help us follow modern trends.



  • Anything else which you would like to share with our readers.If you are in affiliate marketing, and you feel it’s yours – never give up! Believe even now there a lot of space for everyone in this industry. Keep thinking, creating and exploring and you will find your niche.





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